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Official HTC One M9 Dot View Ice Premium Case - Candy Floss Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your case closed and still receive notifications with official HTC One M9 Dot View 2 case in candy floss with transparent back. Featuring full front and rear protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 51757
$40.58 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 49 customers

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Good protection, won't last forever
Protects phone well. Not bulky. Dot view is useful at times. Easy enough to get phone out of case when needed (eg: put into car holder). Hinge between grey cover and transparent body will eventually start to fail and tear through use, then case needs replacing. Mine last around 6 to 9 months.
The case is great for quick and easy use when in dot view
The case is great for quick and easy use when in dot view whilst playing music or receiving a call and works well at protecting the phone screen.

In the busy environment I work in it has proved very useful at preventing damage to the phone :)
Bought this for my wife and it is one clever bit of kit....! Aside from the look and the protection it provides, the technology is great and when it displayed the weather in dot form without her knowing, the brownie points racked up!!...about to get one for myself!
Cover split and fell off at the hinge
Expensive and useless. After less than 6 months the cover flap split at the hinge and fell off. Not good for a genuine HTC accessory
Perfct for me
Had a similar Dot View cover on my older M8 in Brisbane and it was the best MOB cover I've had. When I got the new M9 in Darwin, I was upset to find that no one up here stocked this cover. Found MobileZap on the Net, ordered the cover, and now all is right with the world again. Plus the new cover and the new M9 have more features than my older M8. I'll give that one to TC, the cat.
Very Satisfied
A nice product. Everything I had heard the product to preform was satisfied.
Great Case ...Looks cool
Great case... it fits phone really well leaving no exposed areas which is good in case you drop phone....There are some cool apps for screen saver which look cool when case closed...Love the scroll effect which allows you to write any message which scrolls across screen when cover closed...I have a glass screen protector fitted to phone butt this does not make any difference to functions and case still closes snug.....
Poor quality
Great idea and awesome while it lasts, but the hinge tore after a few months of normal use. From what I've read it's a very common problem. Not good value for money.
Very nice
Good perfect fit as expected and very nice color. Nice touch having a clear back and works great with swiping to answer without opening up. Only downside with the lighter color is that its harder to view messages through the case in direct sunlight but the case itself is excellent.
These Cases are Good Fingers crossed!
This is a replacement for the case I got with my new phone 6 months ago. The old case started to tear up the folding joint, hoping this one doesn't do the same as they are really good cases.
3rd time lucky!
I have had 2 of these cases now which have split at the hinge. It's really disappointing as previously I owned the equivalent case for the M8 and had no problems. However, if the case stayed in one piece I would be very pleased with it, love the dot matrix features. The case is very nice and slim and easy to use. Love the fact that you can answer a call etc with the case closed. I cannot fault the service I have received from Mobile Fun who have just dispatched another replacement without quibble so fingers crossed this one stays together!
Excellent service and product
Go Dotty
I have tried a number of cases for my HTC One M9 that have been okay but if the 'glove' facility is left on the phone still makes calls of its own when the case is pressed in a pocket!
The Dot View is a great fit and the dot view means call information is shown without having to open the cover. It feels good and I always go for a colour that makes it easy to find the phone in a black satchel.
The app sets itself up automatically, you just have to choose a template from the dot matrix.
Speedy Delivery. Excellent Product!!!
Very good product. Would buy over and over again!!!
Good protection, works well, but hinge can tear. Good service from MobileFun.
The "Ice Premium" case wraps well around the cellphone, much better than the "Premium" case which only protects the corners. I wish the names were sufficiently different as to reduce confusion between the two.

I like the functionality of "dot view" - just open the cover and the screen wakes, close the cover and the screen sleeps. Beware accidentally killing a call when you take the phone out of your inside jacket pocket as the phone in its case slides upwards and thinks you're swiping down to kill the call!

The hinge can tear - the first such case I received did so after about 3 months use, which was disappointing. I don't know if it's a manufacturing fault or a design fault. However, MobileFun were very prompt and helpful with shipping a replacement.
very happy with product
i am very happy with the htc dot view case i got
it does exaxtly what it is suppose to do
i also love the colour
Great value
Great value, exactly what I was looking for which wasn't available of others sites or shops that I had tried. Dot view cover arrived very fast, good quality & delighted with my purchase.
Case ripped within months! Waste of money
Case fits perfectly
Case fits perfectly, is minimal bulk and still fits in car cradle. Great protective and fun case for phone,
Dot View Case
Bright turquoise case means I'm never going to lose it! The dot view is very useful if you just want basic info, great to be able to answer calls from it. I'm still getting used to having a closed case, especially when using the camera, but it's a definite improvement on the ordinary closed case option.
Brooke quickly
Decent device that adds some functionality to the phone, however the flexible hinge started tearing within the first month then completely tie through. Mobile fun replaced it without hassle. Let's set how long this one lasts...
Waste of money poorly made.
Front cover came off after less than 3 weeks. A rip off. I want my money back e
Fab product and fast delivery
I purchased the HTC M9 Dot View case for my new M9 mobile after reading a review for it online. I did a Google Search for retailers and came across MobileFun.

I quickly found the product and say that it was being sold at a great price and ordered it straight away. The case came in the post very quickly and was well packaged and in pristine condition.

I love the case and highly recommend MobileFun for mobile phone cases and I'll be returning soon.
Awesome, yet not sturdy.
Absolutely love the Dot View functionality and, as petty and vain as it is, the "wow!" factor when I'm showing off the phone. That said, I've had it for three months now, and the spine on it has broken. Not sure if it's meant to be used bent back flush against the phone or not, but that's what I do, as it is the only way to really be able to use it. The front flap isn't fully off yet, but I'd give it another week at most.

All told: getting a replacement. Then we'll see if this one is a lemon or not.
Love the product, shame it breaks after a few months!!!
I love this dotview case it's just a shame it broke after a few months of use! The rubber edge has come away from the plastic casing on the hinge side. This is now tearing!

Not happy for a top end case from HTC...

In two minds about a replacement or different case
Brilliant concept but lacks durability
Totally loved this case until it broke, the hinge is simply not durable enough and broke within 6 weeks of using it. Meaning the extra functions of the case don't work either so back to a standard boring one, was good whilst I'm t lasted though
Mobile fun
The mobile fun was easy as ABC ( Choose order receive. ) no fuss no pressure or obligation great way to shop. Found mobile fun by accident looking for a product.
Very Disappointed
I purchased this case back in April, at the time I was very pleased as the case did everything it said it would, not only that it looked pretty smart. However it is now only July and my case is starting to split in two along the rubber seam/hinge that holds the front face to the back cover.
Having paid £29 for it, I am extremely disappointed with the product that this has happened in just over 3 months of normal use.
My advice is don’t waste your money, which is a shame as it could have been a really stand out feature for the phone.
Htc one case
Very good case
Werry good case.
Cool idea poorly designed
Bought this case and really liked it for the first few days but the front cover broke off within the first week. I'm not hard on my device, front cover broke off during really basic use, don't waste your money on this case, it's overpriced and cheaply made.
Spot on Easy View
Convinced by my son to buy something I hadn't heard of, No regrets the service was exceptionally fast, the product spot on and does the phone justice.
A great deal
Great case but with weak rubber hinge
Love the case, well protects the phone and greate HTC Dot feature. Only downfall is the weak rubber hinge i could tell it wasnt going to last long due to how thin it was near bottom of the rubber. Lasted about 1.5 Month and has now completely ripped off
Get One!
I bought this for my wife. It is a rediculous amount of money to spend on a case for a mobile phone. But she loves it and can't stop talking about it and showing it off to people! Get one!
Not worth £30!
I liked the look of the case, and it did a decent job of protecting my phone. However the hinge has split after less than a month! Not amused.
Do not purchase
This case lasted me just over a month of normal wear and tear before the rubber seem for the front cover developed a tear. Now the dot view cover of the case is useless. I would not recommend this case.
Happy but sad
I was really excited when I got the case but after a few weeks ago whole formed on the side of my blue dot view case. It's very close to the top of my case and is about to rip. I would really like to get a replacement,but I did not cause the problem. Other then that it was more than I was expecting and was really cool.
first class
Bought this case for you were my9 and I'm very pleased with it. Ordered mom am received Tuesday am. It's brilliant bit of kg. Highly recommend this product.
Excelent Dot View Ice Premium
There is nothing to say. Very good product.
Fit for purpose
Performs to Spec. Only criticism is difficulty of removing....
love it
This case is awesome.
Excellent Case
It's a excellent case.
excellent case
very cool and excellent case. I love it.
Great stuff
Provides excellent protection for the phone - front and back.
If you're considering purchasing this phone cover, don't hesitate. The cover fits perfectly, all function buttons work great. Love the fact that phone calls can be answered without having to open the cover. Also everyone that has viewed my phone likes the dot view functions. The colour is exactly the same shade as the photograph. Really glad I purchased this phone cover.
Wish it was better made
I'd been waiting for this case for ages and finally when it was released i purchased but when it arrived i was majorly dissapointed. Although packed well and looked official, when i had opened the case i saw scratches on the clear back, which felt to me as if it was a reused case, however while looking at further reviews, it seems it is a manufacturing fault with the case which make them prone to scratches. For the price i would say it is not worth purchasing, which is a shame because it is a really nice looking case.
Absolutely brilliant
Didn't think the HTC m9 could get any better,this case proved me wrong. Absolutely brilliant. Customizable with various apps and fun aswell as protection to phone

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