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Official HTC One M8 Car Cradle and Charger (D190) Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your HTC One M8 in view and fully charged while driving with the genuine D190 HTC car mount cradle and car charger.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43686
$60.87 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 10 customers

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I bought the genuine car cradle so I could talk to my daughter on the way home from work, legally. Well, I am out of pocket for the cost of the cradle and still had to talk with the phone in my lap. Everyone complained of a loud static noise when I used the cradle to the point where there was no point using it.
No point contacting HTC - there is no customer service from that company whatsoever.
MobileFun Reply
Please return the product if it is faulty. We will replace it for you.
HTC car cradle
Brilliant, Fantastic. Does what it says.
I brought the HTC car cradle for travelling. It connects to my bluetooth straight away, no fiddling about. It's comes with a little disc which you use for the dashboard, which I use as I'm not keen on having thing in the window. Once you plug the phone into the cradle, it goes straight to car mode, no having to go into your phone and trying to set things up.
The only downside is, you have to remove you case as it won't fit into the cradle, but I can live with that.
Good, quick service
Product was posted promtly. Cradle/charger is very good quality
Almost perfect
There's lots to like about this: it sticks to car windows really well, and adjusts to any angle. The phone is held snugly with no rattle, and the power supply is enough to charge the phone even when it is being used for navigation. The only downside is more a problem with the phone itself than the cradle: on my old HTC One I could listen to music through headphones (for instance when traveling late at night with the kids asleep in the back). With the headphone socket on the M8 being right next to the USB port, this is impossible
just what i want...
Beautiful design.
HTC One M8 Car Cradle and Charger
Great product but there was a problem with one of the cradles but MobileZap dealt with it quickly and professionally.
Excellent Cradle with only a few minor pitfalls.
The cradle is probably the best cradle I have purchased so far. It is easy to set up, the integration with the charger cable is simple and straight forward and the phone fits very nicely.

I have had 2 instances where the suction has failed and the cradle has fallen from its mounting, fortunately both of these have been when the phone was not in it.

My biggest gripe with it is the fact that it is a HTC product and it doesn't consider the case that the M8 comes with as standard. It would be great if you didn't have to de-case the phone each time you wanted to use it.

Love the fact that official HTC lead triggers the "Car Mode" on the phone.

Overall, definitely worth the purchase.
Not cheap, but a great product
Very happy with the quality of the dock. Rock solid. Satisfied with the price, but it's certainly no bargain. I changed the settings on the M8 to load Car Home Ultra instead of the HTC app and it works well, automatically going into dock mode when inserted. In addition, the dock arrived more quickly than advertised which is always nice.
worx good but..
Works well, suction cup housing is nicely designed, arm pivots at the base and at the phone cradle so allows pretty low profile angles from windshield, and no weird power cable humps around the edges. But, the automatic docking recognition is tied to the stock usb cable instead of the mount, which is annoying because it's not a coiled cable so it's not tight to the dash and is all dangly in my wrx... My preferred charger will not kick the docking mode on when I seat it in the dock... For 70 bucks it should be better.
Not the cheapest, but well worth the money.
As an official HTC Accessory this item is not the cheapest phone holder you will find for the M8, but it will probably be the most useful. The holder comes with a charger cable (A little short in my case, but easily extended with USB extension cables), and a 12V (cigarette lighter) adapter. As an official accessory, the holder will put the phone into ‘car dock’ mode, which none HTC ones generally don’t. Car dock mode gives you quick access to the dialler and various other features of the phone.

Mounting the device, initially I found the suction cup a little tight and difficult to turn, but once it’s on the glass, it really holds on well. As mentioned above I found the cable short, but I wanted to run it neatly around the trim, if you were to have it loose on the dashboard, it might be OK.

The holder remains still when inserting and removing the phone but is easily adjusted if required, with two ball joints get a good viewing angle.

All in all, well worth the bit extra you pay for genuine accessories.

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