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Official BlackBerry Passport Leather Flip Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Official Blackberry Leather Flip Case in black provides tough and stylish all round protection for your Blackberry Passport, keeping it looking as good as new.
  • Mobile Fun ID 49727

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$27.05 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 54 customers

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changing SIM seems difficult
after putting on the flip case changing SIM/Memory card seems difficult.
Brilliant service, great to deal with
Does not fit
This case looks good, that is the best you can say! It is too small and does not protect the corners, the hole in the front is way off lining up with light. It is advertised as perfect fit it isn't. The one star is only because it looks good in the box.

This is not against mobile fun who as usual gave good service, although they should not claim something fits that doesn't.
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

Sorry to hear you are not happy with the case. It is specifically designed by BlackBerry to fit their device, so in this sense it is certainly a perfect fit.

We have other cases for this device, which offer more protection if this is what yo
Good Stuff
Great product. Super happy with it!
excellent product
product is same as shown on the site and was in good condition.
Excellent Product
As you would expect from Blackberry this is an excellent product, exactly as described and delivered very quickly.
Sub-standard Product
I would have preferred to know there's a good chance your phone would slip off the leather case as it doesn't stick at all. I would've preferred to be informed it is ill-fitting because the phone is bigger than the case. This product is worse than a joke.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Billy

Please contact our Customer Services team, and also please confirm you don't have the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition which is a different sized device.
Flawed but (with attention) OK
The first case I bought from Mobie Fun didn't fit (2 different versions of a rare phone - they refunded: no argument).

This case glues to the back using a system that must be FIRMLY pressed down. I was on the point of returning but decided to persevere.

Glad I did; pressing down thoroughly. Case is slimline, low cost, OK case.

Would prefer more edge protection but HAD to have a case of some kind; my work life would have ended up with damage to the phone if I hadn't got my finger out!

So: recommendation?? Equivocal yes. If you have bought the case and find it not securely fixed DO persevere.

If you are shopping don't wait so long for the 'perfect' solution that this wonderful phone gets scratched. Never had a phone that people asked about so much: it just does the job.

It is beautiful
I wanted to know the quality of the product. You showed a movie which provided the quality and everything from unpacking it to using it. I liked that very much.
The product fits mt new Blackberry Passport very well
The product fits mt new Blackberry Passport very well. It is not cumbersome at all, and protects the large phone very well.
Paul D
Blackberry Passport Leather Flip Case
Excellent choice and Highly Recommended!

Wonderful leather, Stylish and well manufactured, definitely a real fit for my Blackberry Passport.
Good, working product
Fits the Blackberry Passport well, and does not hinder typing two-handed either, whilst protecting the phone
Blackberry Passport leather case
very funcational
Blackberry Case
I find the glue is not really holding my Passport in place. Also, the front of the case does not line up with LED light which makes the LED hard to see if the case is shut. Actually sorry I bought this case and not one of the cheaper ones.
On another note, MobileFun are excellent. My products arrived within 24 hours. Excellent service.
Good cover
Hi all

The blackberry passport black stick cover is thin and good but the front portion is hard and not very comfortable.
Though the cover is good its not excellent.

But guys going for a 850 dollars phone should go for this cover too.

Very nice pocket protection but unsuitable for habitual phone-droppers
This case oozes quality. Very sleek and professional look and feel. I was a bit concerned about the prospect of gluing something to my phone, but need not have been - it both holds the phone securely preventing any lateral movement and peels off easily without leaving behind any sticky residue. If properly centered on the back, it won't quite close completely under its own weight at first, but that'll fix itself over a few days as the leather of the spine wears-in a bit. Just leaving it laying on its front for ten minutes made quite a difference.

I bought this case primarily to protect the screen when it's in my pocket, and it does that job perfectly. However I suspect it won't offer much protection against a three foot drop onto a concrete floor unless you get lucky and it stays shut on the way down. If I was worried about dropping it, I'd get something bulkier that wraps around and stays shut.

A word about Mobilefun - the item was despatched and arrived promptly and in perfect condition, due no doubt to the attention to detail evident in the selection of packaging. What more can you ask for?
The item was exactly as described,real leather but supple not rigid or hard
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cover , although it was of good quality leather,it was still supple & not hard to hold
The item arrived promptly( within 24hrs),as promised,which was essential for me as I was travelling with it that day in the evening & that was one of the reason why I chose it
The alternatives offered a few days to a week for delivery
nice product
A great quality product.
Blackberry Passport leather flipcase
This is a high-quality product. I purchased the tan version of the case, which has a very pleasing appearance and is made from soft, supple leather. The case, being a genuine BlackBerry product, works very well with the device, putting it in standby mode when the cover closes (unlike non-Blackberry products I have bought in the past). My only reservations are twofold: first, the case attaches to the phone by way of adhesive, which means having to remove to access the back of the phone; second the phone is unprotected around the edges. This aside, the quality of the product surpasses any negatives cited.
nice flip cover
hello I purchese flip cover for my fone it is gud stuff I buyed from fun mobile
race against time order
My wife ordered me the blackberry passport a day before we were due to go to Egypt. I ordered a BlackBerry Passport Case at 6 pm. The case arrived the next day 9am. At 9 15 am my phone arrived. At 9:30 I was in the taxi to manchester airport. Thank you Mobile fun my case was is a head Turner.

Awesome company :)
Excellent Experience
I never thought any other site cud deliver the said contents in such a nominal time and confidence of mine has risen.
original blackberry passport accessories
black berry passport flip cover original
Wonderful original passport blackberry flip cover , this phone needs such products to make it more exclusice
Great but with slight modification in size can fit better in the phone. Should also come out with some more vibrant colour options.
This case does not stay shut. If the phone is dropped the case opens so the phone will get damaged.
I am looking for an alternative.
Poor quality
Not the easiest thing to line up with a stick back! The quality not great compare to other cases by BlackBerry.
Oh dear
This case doesn't close (yes I fitted it correctly) and the aperture on the front flap so you can see the flashing LED when it is closed (if only!) doesn't match the position of the LED. Very disappointing. I have ordered a much more expensive one from Noreve, but this is a poor effort by Blackberry.
Blackberry Passport Flip Case
The Blackberry Passport Leather Flip Case, fits my Passport perfectly and really complements the smartphone completely.
Excellent quality and excellent fit.
Excellent cover
Excellent cover, good product, perfect cover for dropping. Sadly the hole for the front camera is in the wrong place, so impossible to take a picture with the cover in place for the front camera. Back camera excellent, no worries. Just needs someone to look at the phone and the cover and make sure they match.
Service great, wallet not so!
The official BB Passport wallet is not as good as previous official BB products. It is flimsy and not as protective as I'd expected it to be, which is a pity - and not the fault of Mobilefun. Finding Mobilefun, on the other hand, has been a true revelation because they communicate effectively and demonstrate the highest levels of customer service and care. Glad I found them and WILL DEFINITELY be buying from them again.
Smart Case for a Smart Phone
Case is a good fit and does not add much bulk to the phone, in my opinion, I think the phone looks very elegant in it.to fit the phone in the case you have to first remove a sticky pad,then alighn the phone correctly and then stick the back of the phone to the pad in the case.Fear not, apparantly the phone can easily be removed from the pad up to 2000 times without damaging the phone, brilliant. Recommended case.
BlackBerry disappointment
Not the best BlackBerry product. They've had sturdier and more protective wallets, especially the case for my BBQ10. The one good thing has been finding Mobile Fun, whose service and quality I cannot fault. They've been brilliant. I just hope someone manufactures a better wallet than this flimsy effort.
BlackBerry Passport case.
Nice slim case.Fits device very well. Not sure how long it will last though as edges seem pretty thin. Having said that,it will give adequate protection to the phone. Great service from seller and very good communication/updates about order progress. Definately will use again. Highly recommended product and seller.
Slim case but no drop protection
This case introduces like the passport itself a new idea of case design which took me a while to get used to.. The adhesive part of the case attaches to the back of the pp and the front part has a magnetic part which put the pp in sleeping mode.
Pros: slim, elegant, sleeping cover
Cons: not a protective case, the adhesive part doesn't give the impression of long durability
Flip case for BB passport
Back case fix by glue but we are change simcard easily by peeling and past again. This flip case is best choose for BB passport now, because there are not much case compare another smartphone ( iphone, HTC, LG ...).'' passport"" that mean "bussiness man'', so I think it is good if this case made by leather. I rate this item 4 star ( Leather - 5 star ).

Fan of BB

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