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Noreve Tradition Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with this hand crafted, protective leather case of exceptional quality and style.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36191
$58.36 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 18 customers

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Utter Quality
Having just bought my Galaxy Note tablet I was looking for a nice case to keep it safe and clean. I came across the Noreve on Mobile Fun. I liked the look of it despite being on the pricey side. I have ordered from Mobile Fun before and so know that they are trustworthy. There was a delay due to shortage of stock. Imagine my surprise when it turned up less than a week later. It was even better than it looked. It is real padded leather and oozes quality. Simple in design it protects the tablet and can also hinge to provide a new adjustable stand in the landscape mode. I really am delighted with the case and Mobile Fun fun for pulling out all the stops and exceeding my expectations. Thanks guys, I can really recommend this case.
The Best
I'm impressed with the service, being able to keep track of my order, speed of service and the high quality of the case. Looks expensive but great price. I'm already looking at what else I can get from you and have been telling everyone about your company. Keep up the great work and thanks again for excellence.
The Best
I'm impressed with the service, being able to keep track of my order, speed of service and the high quality of the case. Looks expensive but great price. I'm already looking at what else I can get from Mobile Fun and have been telling everyone about them. Keep up the great work and thanks again for excellence.
Heavyweight case
The case is pretty solid, and will protect the Tablet. But it is rather bulkier and heavier than I expected. (Though it came in a very nice strong cardboard box which will be used to store model railway bits.)
Delivery was much much quicker than initially forecast - by almost a week. Well done the company (but you'll go out of favour very quickly if you don't stop bombarding me with adverts.)
galaxy case
This case is excellent. High quality and durable. Better than expected.
Excellent leather case for Samsung galaxy note 10.1
Fits perfectly. Superb finish. Gives a rich look to the tablet. Canchaargecwith case closed.
Only minor issue is while trying to use it as a stand. Looking for a better design for this feature alone
Get a grip!
A recurring problem with tablets and the larger smartphones, is getting a proper grip to avoid the old slip and drop scenario. Solutions are a) get a bag (not overly macho) or b) get a neat case. The latter solution is most helpful with holding the device and also protects, at least to some degree, against damage from moderate drops etc.

This Noreve leather case is not cheap (it is real leather), but it achieves all of the required functions plus it operates as a very neat desk or knee stand and the quality is superb. I'm not sure what you'd get for around a tenner, but it certainly would not be this good.

Highly recommended to all.
best leather protective cover
I saw this item on line and thought it looked very good, especially because it was the same price as the high st versions but when I recieved it exactly 24 hrs after ordering I was delighted with the quality and finish , beatiful leather you could smell straight from the packaging, which I can add was excellent , superb box and a seperate bag inside to keep it in, would make a brilliant present for anyone on any occasion.nothing else comes close to it.
Made for the job
Raises the status of my tablet from 'slightly tacky' to 'very desirable'!
Well thought out case, highly functional,
good fit as is made for this tablet, excellent feel, fit, finish and packaging, with useful drawstring cover as an extra included. Nice leather, best thing this week.
miles better than the Samsung product. .
Needed a case for my new Note 10.1. Samsung case only available in white....I have the silver/grey version. Official product expensive and plasticky. For only just a few quid more, this is way more stylish and practical. Pretty neat and secure fit for the tab and, as already mentioned here, the picture doesn't show that the inside of the cover has 3 ridges and the closure clip thing to offer 4 positions in total....enough for most uses. Looks smart and feels the part too, with no Samsung lettering either on show. Recommend wholeheartedly!
Ideal cover and happy shopper.
Very pleased with this case which readily met my expectations. A photo of the inside would have been helpful to see the three grooves on the inside of the cover which provide a range of angles to stand the Note up on.
Attractive and functional
It looks good, feels good, even smells good. And to top it all it has been thoughtfully designed. It's a joy to use
Ticks 99% of the boxes
I've purchased several cases for my Note 10.1, but none was perfect - they each had something that I didn't like.
This Noreve case ticks 99% of the boxes for me - to give 100% I would have liked a choice of colour, as I'm not keen on ubiquitous black.
The case is beautifully crafted from smooth leather & comes with a protective bag. The tablet fits perfectly & the screen is not covered at all by the case. Three corners of the tablet are protected; the fourth being open to allow access to the S pen. The BIG + for me with the design of this case is that the tablet can be charged with the case closed. This is a design feature that seems to have eluded most manufacturers.
As far as colour is concerned, I've discovered that I can order directly from Noreve, so I'm waiting for my perfect case to arrive soon.
Feels Good!
Exactly what I expected. Fits perfectly. Quality smooth fine leather. Have separate stand so not tried to use this product in that form. As per 5 ★★★★★ service from MobilFun! Cheers again MobileFun!!!
The smell of the leather, on opening the luxurious box it was packaged in, was like the smell you get opening a box of chocolates. Fantastic. and the product is great and does exactly what I need it to do.
just right
This case is just about right. A little bit heavy, but can get s pen out very easily. And charge without having to open case.
Which I couldnt do with my first case I bought off mobile fun.Which ststed was designed for galaxy 10.1
The stand function works okay. But a little awkward to pul out for this function.

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