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Noreve Tradition D Leather Case for iPhone 4S / 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your iPhone 4S / 4 well protected with this high quality genuine leather case from Noreve with space for business cards.
  • Mobile Fun ID 33682
$47.34 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 7 customers

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I've had better
I waited a long time for this iPhone case & was underwhelmed when it arrived. I expected higher quality for £30 but received just another ordinary leather flip case that I could have gotten much cheaper elsewhere. Not important, very mediocre product.
The case is good quality, the only thing I don't like about is that the whole phone isn't protected there is a gap in the case by the camera so if you do drop your phone and it lands on this edge is gonna get damaged apart from that its a good case but expensive but lets see how long its last!!
Nice case
Beautiful case. I have used Noreve cases for my past BB's and have always been very pleased with them. I like to fold over cover. It protects the screen of the device.
Function and Style
This phone case is well made and slender. I like the fact that the cover folds back under the phone , so the phone can be used without the flap down. It's strong and looks durable. I'm quite happy with it.
Just what I wanted
The previous review I thought was perhaps a bit over the top as how excited can you really get over a case, I mean come on! However, I was really very pleasantly surprised the quality is great and it feels nice in the hand, more importantly I trust it will do the job if I drop my phone.

The card holders are a bit tight to start but I just pushed and pulled one in and out a few times and I'd say now it's just about right.

Such a speedy delivery was really chuffed to find it this morning less than 24 hours after ordering, thanks guys.
Total quality!
This case is just so perfect!
I trawled the web for a suitable case - I wanted a quality case, after all the IPhone 4s deseves quality clothing!
Most of the cases I saw were either not leather or seemed to lack in one area or another, the Noreve Tradition D is a beautiful French design and manufacture which oozes quality.
The delivery was super quick, and the smell of leather hit me when unboxing the Noreve!
A couple of observations - I especially wanted the product with credit card holder at the back, and i found this to be pretty tight on the card fit. On reflection, a good thing, having lost cards from a sloppy fitting wallet previously. The card slot has now loosened up but still a nice snug fit.
The fit of the iPhone in the Noreve case is perfect.
So whenever I go out, all i need is to grab a credit card and a few notes from my daily wallet, stash it in the Noreve iPhone and I am sorted! And as the cc holder is on the outside, no nasty scuffs on the phone.
As to the price. This is pricier than your average case, but hey, look at it. An ordinary case costs you 20 quid, this is 36. So a round of drinks is the difference between having the best and wanting the best!! Go buy one.

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