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Nokia Universal Car Holder CR-123 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Fantastic for using your phone as a sat nav, the adjustable Nokia Universal Car Holder allows you to position your phone securely in the optimal viewing position
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 4.5 stars from 17 customers

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great product
very well constructed with superior quality, adhered to windscreen perfectly. Great design and ease of use. Only thing to bear in mind is cannot fit phones larger than around 5.5". I managed to slip an LG G3 into it, but nothing larger, so bigger 'phablet' phones are out. Apart from that easily one of the best holders I've ever used
VERY disappointed with this product.
I'm VERY disappointed with this product: The quality of the built and design is impeccable (Nokia classic) BUT, the swiveling joint is poorly calibrated so the smallest of bumps on the road (or any high power accelerating/sudden braking, by this matter!) makes the actual holder incline itself downwards when the phone is on it because the NON-ADJUSTABLE base/joint cant take the weight... And I only have a Z3 Compact (not a Note or something massive and heavy!).
Great Value!
Shipping took a little more time than I anticipated...but the wait was worth it! Great Quality! No complaints.
I like it!
I like it! I like it very much! Very good quality! Worth the $$
Better than any 3rd party holder
This nokia holder is better than most 3rd party holders.
I like the quality of the material used to manufacture this holder. My nokia lumia 920 is safe during driving. TAlso during bumpy ride the phone is not shaking! It's very stable. The only thing that I don't like about it is the bottom plastic support. I mount my lumia in holder in vertical position most of the time and I feel that the plastic support is coming off too easily. There's should be some sort of button or something else preventing from me completely and easily pulling it out from the holder.
Does exactly what it says on the er,,box!!
Quality holder, worht the extra few quid. Fits the Lumia perfectly and holds it securely.
Great service, good communication and prompt delivery from mobilefun too.
Excellent Nokia quality. Fits the phone perfectly.
May cost a little bit more than some phone holders,.. But this is a genuine Nokia product and therefore you are guaranteed very good quality and worth the extra cash,fits the phone perfectly .Dont waste your money on cheaper products like I did as most don't fit right and break after a few weeks of use ,buy the best (NOKIA)and you'll save you're self money in the long run...
Ideal little mount
Good suction mount, good adjustment for angle etc.
Nice size, great little unit
Does What It Says On The Tin
Easy to use. Fits my phone easily. Great suction against the windscreen and also quick and easy to remove. Downside - sometimes the phone release mechanism sticks a bit when trying to take my phone out of the holder.... which is why its got 4 stars.
Been looking for strong phone holder for years.
Holds the Lumia 920 perfectly,no vibration,misses the side buttons on the phone,usb charger fits nice and snug,well made strong product,with good suction pad that actually works.
Just The Job!
Well, after first reading somewhere that this kit was a tad too small for the new Nokia, I noticed someone say different!

Glad I did. The kit works great, and despite the 920 being a little larger and not the lightest flagship on the planet, I decided to buy it.

Awesome choice. Great Nokia quality, awesome price via MobileFun, and delivered double quick too!

Works perfectly! Happy to recommend MobileFun time and time again. Click the buy button...


5 stars all the way...
Perfect is the only word to describe it
The Nokia Universal Car Holder CR-123 far exceeded my expectations.

It is very easy to attach to the windscreen and holds the phone perfectly. Very strong hold too in all temperatures.

It is very well built, and after buying one for my wife and discovering it fitted my Nokia Lumia 920 I also bought one.

Infact after writing to Nokia asking for other accessories for the Nokia 920 this was on the list.

I have no reservation in recommending it.
the right choice
The best ever mobile holder I ever seen, touched & owned, the sucker is the strongest I'v ever seen
Quality product
Received this product promptly & efficiently. The product oozes quality and so it should given its relatively high price. Has feel & quality finish that you would expect from Nokia. As to its universal use I am using it with an HTC Wildfire S. The only way to use it is upside down otherwise the usb input lead cannot be inserted. Other than this niggle a very high end product.
ace piece of kit
A windscreen phone holder is a must for my line of work. After using many phones and purchasing many many holders, some of which were and are dedicated to the make and model of the phone and are not much use when using phone protection, I found the Nokia universal a splendid unit. It will fit most phones with protection, can be adjusted to avoid side buttons, holds the phone superbly, easy to use and fixes to the glass very securley. I cant fault this unit and would recommend it to every one. Looks great as well.
Not over priced from mobile fun.
This is a must have unit for your phone.

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