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Nokia to Samsung Adapter Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Simply plug into your Nokia charger and then into your Samsung phone or Bluetooth headset to charge.
  • Mobile Fun ID 13883

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 2.3 stars from 3 customers

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Beware compatibility issues
Thanks to MobileFun's excellent customer services (and I can't fault them), I have now received no less than three of these items for my Samsung E900. NONE of them worked, even though I tried a variety of tried & trusted Nokia chargers. A couple of them turned the Samsung ON, but no charging occurred. A wiring error, perhaps?
Very cheap and works
Very pleased with this item, delivered within 24 hours of ordering even though standard delivery was chosen. Fits onto my old nokia charger and then onto one of the samsung phones on the compatibility list (can't remember the model number at the moment).
unsuitability issues
It's really unfortunate that the excellent service by mobilefun should be totally negated by a product that doesn't work on all samsung phones. I didn't notice at the time of purchase that although the headline suggests that it will work with any Samsung, actually there is a list on the page of compatible models.

Even more annoying is that it does actually plug in ok but simply does not charge.

Also beware shoddiness of casing as the plastic casing snapped off twice and I had to reconstruct it.

I would like to give it no stars at all but this page won't let me.

On the plus side. It was ordered on Wednesday afternoon and arrived on Thursday morning with both emails and text messages from mobilefun giving me progress reports on my order.

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