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Nokia Lumia 800 Soft Case - CC-1031 - Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Change the appearance of your phone and protect it from damage with this superb red silicone form fitting skin for your Nokia Lumia 800.
  • Mobile Fun ID 32993
$17.58 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 8 customers

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well fitting case in red
usual great quality case from mobile fun for nokia 800 phone. Well made great fit and not too brite shade of red .recommended buy
Changes the Look
Although the Lumia is an sttractive phone the skin completely changes the look and feel. I am well pleased
Looks great, works great = perfect!
I have the Nokia Lumia 800 and absolutely love it but I was getting a bit bored with the black case that came with it.

I purchased the Cyan soft case and it's great! Not only is it a great colour but it fits the phone perfectly allowing access to all of the buttons on the side of the phone, the screen and the camera (even the camera flash). Plus, the case is soft so it's easy to put on the phone and easy to take off if you need to. It's protecting the phone from scratches and stops any dirt or dust.

The material is great and gives greater grip. I found the phone would often jump out of my hand and make a bid for freedom without a cover on and so far (touch wood!) I haven't dropped or lost grip of the phone with the cover on it. So it looks great and is practical.

My phone is thoroughly and officially 'jazzed up' :)

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