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Nokia DC-4 Car Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Nokia DC-4 is the car charger with a 2mm tip - 100% Genuine. Don't be fooled by copies.
  • Mobile Fun ID 6636
$13.52 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 56 customers

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quality replacement
It said what it was, oem and i had suffered with cheap alternatices which lasted no time at all
Fast and Reliable
I have used this business twice now and have had great service....I often wonder how long it will take to get an online order delivered to places 'west of the Rabbit Proof Fence' and then don't bother ordering cause it can be 10days or more. This is not a concern with orders from this site.......faster than some local mail and no stuff ups. Will be back
Excellent product and service
Genuine Nokia product and brilliant quality too.
Fits perfectly and does exactly what it should. Built to last.
Nokia DC-4 Car Charger.
Bought this for using the sat-nav on my phone. Very effective but the curly lead makes it difficult to route the cable out of the way when driving so not given it full marks.
Excellent Delivery time, congrats to Royal mail and Mobile Fun, charger was just what I needed, will shop with you again
Does what it says on the tin.
I bought this car charger for my wife as her phone is always running out of charge "on the go".
It's ideal for her usage.
However, the end that plugs into the car's 12V socket is quite bulky, not a problem in her Corsa but something to consider perhaps with other cars.
Nokia DC-4 Car Charger
Purchased a non OEM car charger - hopeless!The charger did not fit the car charger socket properly and the connection to the phone was so loose it was a wonder the phone was charged.
Eventually so fed up I decided to purchase original Nokia (which is not easy to identify). But MobileFun came to the rescue with a Nokia item at a reasonable price.
Dont buy the cheap stuff, it's a waste of money.
Works OK
Decided to buy Nokia rather than cheaper by a few quid. Have used once and did its job.
packaging not quite as expected
I purchased this along with a cr-122 nokia holder late thursday evening and they both arrived on saturday. Well done royal mail as well as mobile fun. The packaging was a little dubious as I was expecting a blister packed part but it arrived in an unsealed polythene bag. I also found that the cigarette lighter adapter was very tight in my honda civic mk7 type s and had to apply a fair amount of pressure to obtain an electrical connection. After a few insertions this seems to have improved. I contacted mobile fun about whether this was a genuine nokia part and they replied the following day by e-mail that it was but said that I could always return it. I have chosen to accept their reply but would like to know if anyone else received this part in the same packaging.
Does what it says on the box.
Perfect genuine Nokia car charger works perfectly well with my Nokia N8
Designers Delight
This charger is a delight to handle and delivers the goods. Top Marks !
nokia charger
Nokia in car charger is an excellent product, enables me to charge my phone on the go as I am rarely in the office, would highly recommend it to mobile workers.
Car charger
Does the job. Genuine article excellent delivery.
A must have for the car
Perfect original Nokia car charger. I have wasted money before buying universal car chargers that break. If you have a Nokia phone and it didnt come with a car charger then spend your pennies wisely and buy one of these, you wont regret it
Nokia in car charger
Ariived promptly, well packed and as advertised, product priced reasonably but postage and packing at £2.50 , well decide for yourself, cos I am a pensioner I expect the earth.
Does what it says on the tin!
Arrived bang on time as usual, packaged OK and worked, it's a commodity item so what more can you ask for than that.
Quality Item
This is just what I wanted, quality item and really quick delivery. I totally recommend this company.
Another Quality Item
This is the real thing and works perfectly. Ordered Tuesday and received Wednesday. Could not be more pleased.
Didn't work with E65
I just purchased this charger. Have tried it with 2 different E65 phones in 3 different cars and it doesn't work. Spoke to Mobile Fun and they think it's faulty and have offered a replacement. Dissapointing with a genuine Nokia product !
Nokia DC-4 Car Charger
Small compact, lightwieght. This unit charges very quickly from the power socket.
Nokia DC-4 Car Charger not suitable for all cars
Bought the charger for someone with a BMW Z4. The report came back that the charger did not fit the charging socket on the BMW
Nokia- dc phone charger
A nice sturdy item
In car charger, most definitely!!
Got a new phone and needed an on the go charger. Price was good, product excellent.
Just fine
Does just what it says on the box. Not the cheapest but it is Nokia
Nokia car charger
Exactly what I wanted - works with my Nokia 6303 Classic
Nokia DC-4 Car Charger
I have a Nokia Phone so it`s only right you get the appropriate accessory for the job work`s fine,good fast service from Mobile Fun. Would use the site again.
X6 car charger
This item is exactly as described on the web page and works very well.
Excellent Service
Genuine products received well packed and in good condition within 3 days, would use again.
It does the job.
No problem with this, though it was very reluctant to work in my Land Rover's socket - aligning it is all important.

More impressed with the plastic case purchased for my Nokia 6303 - saved my phone from scratches on a rally last weekend.
Nokia DC-4Car Charger
Does exactly what it says on your site!
excellent product
bo ught a cheaper one from well known retailer but was a waste of money. very pleased with purchase from mobile fun, a first class product and would recommend to similar mobile phone users
Nokia DC-4 Car Charger
It arrived quickly and it works well so far. It says Nokia on it but came in an unsealed plastic bag not in Nokia official packing. Time will tell.
Horrid piece of badly designed electronics
I have this as a part of the Nokia power pack.
The charger produces a hellish amount of noise. The phones out on the phone (E71) becomes totally unusable. Switching to a AD2PD dongle made the matters a bit better, but the noise can still be noticed on the dongle-to-car 3mm audio AUX output just because both happen to be located closely together.
I have yet to find a suitable alternative (or a way to route audio in a non-Bluetooth enabled vehicle) which solves the problem.
It works!
Excellent service and delivery... charger does exactly what it says it will. I would order again from this website.
This Nokia phone is exelent, and very simple to use.
Nokia DC-4 Car Charger
An excellent product, which is made of quality materials and does exactly what it's supposed to.
Nokia DC-4 car charger
Product arrived and is the genuine article as stated,have tried it and it works.Brilliant service and almost £10.00 cheaper than where I purchased my phone, without leaving my home.
Many Thanks
Nokia DC-4 car charger
Very quick delivery, order placed 8th Feb p.m., delivered 10th Feb a.m.
Have tested it and found it functions o.k.
What service.. ordered about 3.30pm got a text 3.57 to say despatched, arrived 11.00am next day. The item was perfect, cheaper than anywhere else. Bish Bash Bosh
What a bargain!
Go to Currys.....£24.99!!!! can you believe that.
Quick delivery, good function
Ordered online at 15:00hr and arrived a.m. next day. Works a treat.
Car charging lead
Genuine Nokia item, good quality, easy to use with comforting green led indicating power available and on. This will provide in car charging for long journeys and those times when you get stuck in jams or snow etc
Nokia Car Charger
Excellent for in car use with Handsfree Bluetooth connection
Nokia car charger, great buy
Works very well and for very good price!
Good product at the right price
At last all my family now have phones that share the same charger at home, and now with the DC-4 in the car, they can top up the power as I am being their taxi sevice! Small, reliable and fast charger.
Not used it yet!
Just received my genuine Nokia charger saved a fair bit, can't say how it performs as not had to use it yet...
fantastic mobile fun
fantastic service from mobile fun found exactly what i needed delivered on time
You get what you pay for
after the usual searches, decided to opt to pay a little more for the charger and have a nokia one rather than risk my new phone on a cheapo, excellent service thanks.Recommended
Nokia DC-4 Charger
I ordered this on Tuesday after shopping around and this was the best offer for a genuine Nokia small pin charger I could find. Service from Mobilefun was excellent and I received my charger and battery the following day after only paying for 1st class post Tues afternoon - would definitely reccommend and will use again
nokia charger
does exactly what its says on the box!!
Nokia DC-4 Car Charger
Very usefull piece of equipment.
Geniune v's Generic
Received genuine nokia part last week to replace generic one. Stick with genuine every time. Generic replacement didn't work properly either. You get what you pay for I suppose.
DC4 charger
Nicely made and works well - far better than the cheaper 'unbranded' £4.95 item that did not work reliably.
Excellent value for money
The DC-4 is a great a car charge that actually works

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