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MyKronoz ZeBracelet BlueTooth Smartwatch - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
ZeBracelet is a smartwatch that tells time while offering much more. By connecting you to all your Bluetooth enabled devices - phones, smartphones, tablets and PCs - ZeBracelet keeps you up-to-date with a glance at your wrist.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40314
$81.18 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 5 customers

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Perfect gift for a gadget addicted young woman!
ZeBracelet offers everything you need from a smartwatch in a very stylish form. It looks good on a woman's wrist. And if you consider the price, it is a perfect choice for a gift!
she loves it
Mobile fun may need lines and lines of things to say but I dont think its necessary.The product I bought for my partner so close to Xmas arrived within 2days (brilliant)where other sites product didnt even turn up to this day.Love there site,love there products,love there service.
Smart & Sleek - SciFi bracelet
Very nice looking, futuristic Bluetooth bracelet. Easy to use & set-up simple. Great if the phone is at the bottom of the bag!
A dialled back smartphone that works!
It's early days with this new gadget, infact it's early hours! Not early in the morning but I've only just popped it out of the box and given it a charge!

I choose the (zebraclet) over the (zewatch) as I felt it looked a bit more "star trek" it has very clean simple lines and hides all its technological secrets very well.
Both MyKronoz models tout the "smartwatch" claim! But how do they stack up!
The key features are that you can take a call, tell the time be alerted bay any audible alert and listen to music!
With simple Bluetooth connectivity this smartwatch earns its stripes, it just works!
As other smartwatchs try to do everything and can end up doing nothing very well the zebraclet shines. There is no promise of SDK's for developers to design apps for it. This is far from a negative, it means it does what it's designed to do and it does it well (so far) I've talked to a buddy on it and he reported no poor sound at his end, I heard the txt alert clearly and I gave a wee blast of music, to better than expected results!
Now it's not Peter perfect as I'd prefer the display to have a choice of colours, and customisable display, rather than the small blue display on offer! But that's for ver 2.0.
I'm gonna give this 5 * even though I've only been using it for ten minutes!
As there is no outright market leader for smart watches there is room at the top, but myKronoz are doing the simple things right and that's a good move in my opinion!
The truth of the matter is this, there is not really any useful space on a persons wrist for a full sized smartphone and smartwatches don't need to do all that a smartphone does, just a few wee things!
The zewatch and zebraclet are glorified Bluetooth headsets for your wrist!, but they do it with panache.

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