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Muvit Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
With superb screen protection and rounded edges this premium tempered glass protector from Muvit is the perfect choice for the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact.
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$24.34 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 18 customers

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You get what you pay for
Protector picks up every speck of dust, so frequent manual cleaning was required.
As a consequence the protector split in half this afternoon
Provides protection I need, fitted easily and easy to clean.
tempered glass screen protector, z1 compact
Top class product, forget those horrible to fit cheaper versions, this product does exactly what it says very simple to fit, no bubbles and very discreet, as well as giving great protection, from a construction worker this product prevents scratches that I've always got with previous phones without this screen protector
Great but don't try to remove it!
Excellent screen protection in terms of scratches, impacts etc. Fits perfectly with no reduced functionality to the touch screen and crystal clear with no air bubbles or smudges. Great!

However, when I tried to remove it (An unrelated technical fault meant I had to replace my phone) it instantly shattered.

So overall a great buy, just don't try to remove it!
Top notch
A perfect fit for the Z1 compact, tough enough for Scouting and dead easy to fit - what more can you ask for.
Great Product
Highly recommend this product, keeps my phone looking good while protecting it.
I decided to remove the "factory " Sony screen protector and opted for this tempered glass one to replace it. Absolutely stoked with the result.

Yes, it's expensive but you will not regret it.
Best screen protector
This is much easier to fit than traditional protectors and appears very tough and clear.
Easier installation, but by no means flawless...
I bought one of these screen protectors in anticipation of my new Sony Xperia Z1 Compact contract phone's arrival.

After unboxing the phone, and removing the protective film from both the phone's screen and the screen protector itself, I had this screen protector on the phone and perfectly aligned in 30 seconds flat.

No bubbles to iron out, no struggling with the thing because unlike plastic screen protectors most people buy, and the one supplied in-box with the phone itself, it's not flimsy, so it's easy to hold it between your finger and thumb by the edges with one or two hands and apply it without touching either the phone screen or the tacky back side of the protector.

Unfortunately, even though I managed to do this in 30 seconds, dust STILL managed to get between the two. This is one of the biggest drawbacks with all screen protectors, and in my view you just have to suppress your OCD tendencies (if you, like me have them to begin with) and accept it.

The provided 'lint-free' cloth is ANYTHING BUT lint-free. Rubbing your phone screen in a futile attempt to remove dust and or particulates will be an exercise in futility as this causes static build up that actually ATTRACTS more dust than it removes.

The cloth itself, while made of the same type of material that come with a cloth used to clean a pair of glasses, sheds it's own microscopic fibres which frustrate any attempts to have a properly CLEAN screen.

The provided squeegee is also somewhat redundant, since this is a rigid screen protector that doesn't get bubbles by it's very nature.

Removal of the screen protector can be somewhat difficult, but I've found that the easiest way to get it off intact without damage, it to get a thumbnail underneath the cut-out for the ambient light sensor on the left-hand side of the phone, and gently work your way along until you can lift enough off to remove it completely.

Don't touch the tacky side with your fingers, and certainly not with the 'lint-free' cloth, as doing so will render the protector completely useless and/or covered in fibres. If you do have a small amount of small fibres stuck to the back you can use the provided squeegee to attempt to scrape them to the edge and off the protector, but be careful not to re-introduce more fibres while attempting to clean. Good light, and a white surface recommended.

Finally, while hailed as "Tempered Glass" don't run away with the notion these are indestructible. My original one cracked around the camera hole with very little effort during a removal attempt, so I bought another.

They certainly aren't cheap, and many may baulk at the price, but the ease of application, and the amount of protection they provide easily beats any plastic screen protector. You just have to take your time and be CAREFUL during application/removal.

I also recommend completely turning OFF the phone so as any static and or electro-magnetic fields generated by the phone will not instantly attract dust naturally in the air towards the screen of the phone as your trying to apply the screen protector.
Exactly wht i needed
I bought this tempered glass after changing my phone, it came quickly, price was alittle more than other places but was worth it for the quick time it came in. It as done its job too as my friend dropped her s3 on mine but the glass protector done only chipped saving a chip on my screen which I am happy about so I am definitely glad I bought this product.
Review: Muvit Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
This screen protector hands down beats all of those other plastic protectors. It doesn't scratch and is easy enough to put on. But make sure your doing it in a dust free enviroment or else you will mess it up. Not so fond of the cutouts for the camera and sensors but apart from that its good. It does make the scren more reflective though which is the only fault I found with it.
great cover
strong cover, very easy to fit abit pricey but well worth the money.
does an okay job!
glass not as well cut as other more popular phones and there's obviously the trade off in viewing angles, but definitely worth having as the shatterproof protector that sony has on the phone doesn't feel as good as this does and right now there aren't as many decent options for the z1f/compact out there.

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