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Mugen Samsung Galaxy S4 Extended Battery 2750mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Extend the life of your Samsung Galaxy S4 with this 2750 mAh battery without adding any extra bulk to your device.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39412
$38.90 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 20 customers

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Great Battery.
Bought as the original battery was not keeping power very long and wanted a replacement. Bought this and excellent delivery on time and well packaged. My S4 Runs a lot longer now.
Fantastic Production, Great Customer Service!
Have to say Mugen Power batteries are the best in the world, and mobile fun seems to offer it with a one year no-hassle warranty which is fabulous. I've always had a Mugen power battery in my new phone, the standard battery just doesn't compare. Currently I am getting around 25mins per percent on this battery!
Would recommend it
No need to charge battery every couple of hours it is really a good battery.
Fantastic Service!
Bought replacement extended battery for S4. Well worth it. Great service from this web site. Delivered to South Africa within 3 days from ordering.
Brilliant Service !
Item is excellent if you have a crap battery life on your s4 like me 100% get this battery and not the cheaper one because it is well worth the money and I have had ordered two of these so far as my other half needed one for his S4 and the life on the phone is brilliant all the time!
Buy from this website it has everything and is excellent and the product is fantastic.
Good replacement
Bought replacement battery for S4 with 2750 aH - very happy as battery has increased capacity what can easy hold the phone charged all day long.
better than the original
Original battery was 3 months old and kept discharging and causing connection problems, mugen fits perfectly and seems to last the day despite heavy use, very pleased with the service as i always am
Just bought this battery since I wont be upgrade to S5 this year.

Battery lasts vaigly longer than stock battery. But if you need 2 batteries then you might aswell get this one instead of another stock.

A strange behaviour i noticed, is that if my phone is off, and charger connected, I cant turn off the screen. The Charging symbol is visible at all time, but it does not fill up. Only a circle is fixed in the middle of the battery icon.

Might be ROM-related though.

Giving Mugen 4 stars due to high pricing.
Quick delivery and great service. Definitely notice the increase in battery life normal daily use. Wiuld recommend to anyone!
Ideal replacement
My original battery bulged at 6 weeks old! Samsung acknowledge bad batch of batteries. It could easily spin on a flat surface and the phone was playing up. Samsung and O2 wanted phone back for 2 weeks and possible wipe down. Not wanting to risk another Samsung battery tried this one. I can confirm it Lasts a little bit longer than the original with average use. Fits perfectly with original battery cover and NFC is a plus. 4 stars as a bit expensive but needed it quickly and knew from experience that these guys are pretty good to deal with.
Fast delivery ,excellent product.replaced my 3month old samsungs4 battery with ease (refused to send my phone and battery back to Samsung when I knew it was just faulty battery )and the back panel fits as it should ,I seem to get an extra 20% battery life at the end of the day so it's win win win
Mugen Samsung S4 Battery
I recieved the battery and put it into my phone and this is where the problems started ! if you have a s-view case the back cover will not fit at al,l I thought then I will try the original standad Samsung case which will close but it cases the back of the case to bulge on the left about 1cm down from the power button ,and light can bee seen on the side of the screen which also seems to bulge .
on the plus side it dose have better life than the original Samsung battery !
Fantastic Battery!
The morning I woke up realizing I had this wonderfall battery in my phone was enlightening, rainbows and happy thoughts were flowing thought my mind as I considered how much more I could do with just 150maH more power. Ok humour over but seriously this will probably extend your usage hard to tell but it did seem to last out a bit longer.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Extended Battery
Great to have a battery which does not run out after five minutes. I also keep the original fully charged and carry it as a babackup.

What is also good is that you do not need an alternative back cover to accommodate the extended battery unlike it's predecessor the S3. Well worth a punt!

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