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Mugen Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Extended Battery (5500mAh) - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Extend the life of your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active with this 5500mAh battery and battery door extension - in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43521
$81.18 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 7 customers

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Extended, indeed
Used to have a phone that lasted from morning to night charge but if i used a game... good for 4h max.

So i figured to get bigger battery. After adding this, i can use my phone for about 3 days in powersave mode and play all day long untill it needs recharge.

Couple of things i missed on this package tho:
1. Its not watersealed
2. It does not have a stand support
3. The original sales speach on site fails to mention it also comes with wireless qi support
4. I would had wanted to buy qi charger with package
Great impoves phone.
Great battery after full days use the battery always shows about 50% still left. Just flown to Monaco for day, used phone all day and watched 2 films on plane and battery lasted from 2 am to 11pm. Whilst the battery makes phone heavier and thicker I think it improves the feel of phone and makes it easier to hold. I keep phone in belt pouch "Dura Gadget" and it still fits in it. I will never change back to standard battery.
Buy this if you rely on your phone working.
Long life battery
Great product, deserve its money. Now you can freely play games, watch videos and search the net without limitations. Great asset,back panel have integrated QI scheme for Wifi charging. Highly recommended.

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