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Mugen Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Extended Battery & Cover 6400mAh - Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Get more than double your original Note 2 battery capacity with the Mugen Extended Battery & Cover featuring an integrated kickstand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37504

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$60.88 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 13 customers

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It does what it was made to do
It works. Perfect and simple. After the 4th charge it started working at 100%
Mammoth battery with lots of juice
The battery is huge in terms of power. Once charged to full capacity, with normal use it last 3-4 days for me. On a road trip with GPS, Bluetooth enabled, and the screen turned on for navigation, it lasted more than by trip itself. I love the products from Mugen. Recommended.
Money well spent
This is not cheap by any means but I can now use my Note 2 for 3 days average use or a whole day of almost constant use.
Worth every penny.
Mugen Extended Battery
Bought this item due to the phones stock battery being rather poor with excessive use, it makes the phone a little chunkier than it already was (if possible) but still holds well in the hand, it is a reasonably nice case and includes the kickstand which has come in use multiple times. Biggest downside is the price, quite expensive to justify purchasing if you have a charging cable handy once and a while.

Would recommend to any power user.
Quality Service GREATE !!!
The best service I have EVER HAD from an online retailer. Everything they said they would do THEY DID. As for the MUGEN Battery, Expensive but undeniably THE BEST the attention to detail is flawless looks better in reality than the photo on the site, NFC works and the back adds solid protection and life to the NOTE 2, a beast of a phone. Quality Service, quality products Mobile Fun ARE THE BEST.
this think takes Forever to charge...
but wait, that means it will take forever * 10 to Discharge! Great.

And it turned my phone, which was flat as a pancake, into a chunky donuts. Good! Now it's as hefty as it large-screened!

It took FIFTEEN days to get here. (but then again, that's what the site said it would take...

So, I'd Love to complain, but ... i just can't

(the last Mugen I had was for me HTC HD2, which made it chunky and lasting forever, a good deal, thank you Mugen for making these phones into something actually Useful!)
I've Got The Power!
Highly recommended if you need more power. I should point out that I always have my screen set to maximum brightness but still you can easily get two full days of heavy use out of one charge or a lot longer with light to moderate use. The battery and cover adds a fair bit of bulk and weight to the phone but still feels nice in the hand. The price is a little steep but it is a massive battery and a good quality cover, which comes with a built in stand. Very handy for watching videos on the stunning screen.

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