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Mugen HTC Desire HD Battery Extended Battery - 1500mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Extended battery for your HTC Desire HD. Never run out of power again.
  • Mobile Fun ID 27043
$38.90 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 29 customers

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Waste of money
Either I received a rogue, faulty battery or this is a load of rubbish and a complete waste of money.
After one week's use the battery is discharging completely in four hours or less. And I only use one app (WhatsApp) and make and receive calls. I don't use the internet on my phone nor do I use it for e-mailing.
I am deeply disappointed.
In defence of Mobile Fun, they have offered me a full refund.
Just what I needed
Just what I needed
FANTASTIC, Just what I needed.
Got next day delivery, with the battery arriving in perfect condition.
After several charges of the battery, I got nearly 4 days stand by time on my HTC and there was still a quarter charge left.
It seems the more I charge it, the longer the battery life.
I am extremely satisfied with the service from Mobile Fun and the quality of the battery. Both have lived up to more than my expectations and I would not hesitate to buy from Mobile Fun again.
Been recommended to these people by pal who had tried before, ordered online late afternoon, goods arrived next day, correct and undammaged!, result, give them a try, I was very pleased
top battery
charged up a few times now and getting at least 35% more power time.
a good deal!!
Does exactly what i was expecting, extends the lif
After giving the battery 5 full charges I find the phone lasts about 5-6 hours longer with average to heavy usage. Light usage a lot more, can easily last 30 hours. Certainly recommend it!
Does the job.
Had this battery in my phone for almost 2 weeks now and it does seem to give more up time. On average I am getting 4-6 hours more usage than the standard battery. Expensive yes, but worth as far as I am concerned.
Great Battery!
Don't worry about this as it is a very good battery. It will offer approx 20% more over stock and you do notice it. Takes about 5 full cycles to kick in but whereas I used to get home with 45% battery I usually arrive with 65%. It's pricey but worth it.
A good spare battery.
Cant really tell if this battery capacity is larger than original but my phone can really gulp the juice. However with everything turned off it can last 36+ hrs and I cant remember the other lasting so long.

I did twice receive the wrong battery sending them back each time before getting the correct one.
It's Oki it does last abit longer but still not the best
No better than standard battery
I can get 9 hours use of my phone from this battery using it as normal. Unfortunately this its exactly the same as I get from a standard battery which its half the price!! Id advise saving your money or buy 2 of the standard batteries! Your phone will last longer that way
high price for second best
The battery i first found on Google was a mugen 1800mah complete with 2 year warranty then I saw it stated 'now discontinued'. An alternative was suggested a 1500mah version which was disappointing as its quite q lot less, then noticed that the warranty was reduced also to 12months instead of two years with the 1800mah. Then thers the high price of 33pounds which for the larger capacity battery i may well hav paid but not 4 a battery with a mere 250mah increase.
Lasts a long time!
After going through about five cycles of charge/discharge this battery is living up to it's name. It extended the time between charges by 200%. I can easily go two days without worry, and that is will good use. I usually check stats right before I put it on the charger, and the last time was a day and a half with screen on time at three and a half hours set at 60% brightness. Well worth the money.
Not so good
I purchased the Mugen HTC battery with great expectations. Unfortunately the first one did not work but received a replacement without any hassle. The second one works but is no better than the standard HTC battery, still a struggle to last the day with any reasonable use.

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