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Sorry, but Mugen Battery & Back Cover - Samsung Galaxy S2 - 3200 mAh has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Mugen Battery & Back Cover - Samsung Galaxy S2 - 3200 mAh

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Product Reference: 30564

Extended battery and replacement back cover for your Samsung Galaxy S2. Never run out of power again.

  • "is good"
  • "Brilliant purchase "

Most Useful Customer Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S2 plus
3rd October 2014
is good
It lasts longer than original but not as long as I expected judging on the size. And strange thing: goes from 100 to 1% in almost 2 days if I don't use phone too much, then stays another 12 hours on 1% with including some phone speaking and some skype with video. Maybe later will be better indicator, now is still new. Original battery decrease same at any percent, not like this one.

Samsung Galaxy S2
17th July 2013
Brilliant purchase
This battery really is worth the money. It charges in about 4 hours and seems to take up to 48 to fully discharge. For me the increase in weight isn't a problem.

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Why Buy?

  • Extended battery to ensure that you never run out of power - 3200mAh
  • More power than the original battery
  • Made with Mugen power cells
  • No battery memory effect
  • Included back cover keeps phone looking as original as possible


Mugen batteries are designed to keep your phone running for a substantially longer time than when using a standard Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery which is only 1650mAh - so that is an extra 1550mAh, nearly doubling the original capacity.

Keep a spare battery at home, in the office or while travelling so you will never miss that important call, the Mugen battery allows you to work for longer periods without having to connect your device to a power outlet. The Mugen battery is designed to fit your phone perfectly and is of the same quality as your original battery. No battery memory effect with a lithium-ion battery - you can charge the battery whenever you like without fear of reducing its charge capacity.

The battery has an extra 1550mAh compared to the original but as this is the case, it is larger than the standard sized battery. As a result the battery comes complete with a back cover which looks as original as possible. The overall thickness of the S2 with the attached extended battery is just 15.5mm.


  • Capacity - 3200 mAh.
  • Exceeds all OEM batteries.
  • Lithium Ion technology.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Includes replacement back cover.

Why buy a Mugen battery?:

  •  More mAh!... It is the same size as your existing battery, but lasts longer.
  •  High quality Lithium-Ion cells mean you don’t have to worry about running your battery flat before charging it.
  • 1 year warranty - peace of mind, Mugen batteries are built to last.
  • Mugen are manufactured by an industry leading battery manufacturer with years of experience.

Why are other extended batteries cheaper?:

  • Some products boast larger mAh, but the quality of the “cells” (the bit that holds the power), just aren’t as good as Mugen cells, sourced only from Japan & Korea.
  • Some other extended batteries don't offer the peace of mind of a 1 year warranty.
  • Build quality and design of other extended batteries does not match the supreme quality of the Mugen.

Why is the battery larger?:

  • Mugen pack a huge amount of mAh into their batteries and recognise there are times that you need to use your handset extensively without having to carry a spare charger or battery.
  • Keeps you connected for longer.

All Mugen batteries are powered by Mugen Power which means performance and quality throughout all Mugen products!

Mugen Power


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