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Motorola TurboPower 15W Car Charger - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your smartphone or tablet in blazing fast speeds with the TurboPower car charger from Motorola. Delivering up to 8 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes, this really is the only way to charge on the go.
  • Mobile Fun ID 54320
$33.81 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 27 customers

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Worth it
The charger was worth every penny it's better than those cheap synthetic ones you found online for $7.
It does exactly what it says charge my phone up very very fast thank you
Does not do the job.
Does not do the job as described. I have a HTC M8 first time I plugged it in to my mobile message appeared on screen which read slow charge and to change charger ive since noticed when using sat nav on my mobile leaks charge rapidly!! for this charger and feel I have been mislead. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS ITEM...
MobileFun Reply
Hi Grant

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. Sounds like you have a faulty charger or cable there. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Turbo Turbo Turbo
I had been looking for a product like this for months because I am a frequent commuter and I use map applications for directions which eat up a lot of battery. Using a conventional car charger my battery would just die slower, but with this charger, not only can I use map applications, but I can use also music streaming services without killing my battery. I highly recommend this product to, not only to everyone that has a turbocharging capable phone, but also to those that don't because it is able to handle the correct amount of power to successfully charge your phone instead of being too weak to do anything. With advancing technology more and more phones will have the ability to turbo/quick charge and that will make this product a necessity. Other products may arise claiming to do the same that this product can, but why wouldn't you buy the one that perfected it first? Best purchase from the best site, money well spent.
I am perfectly satisfied
I trust Motorola products and your Motorola turbo power 15 watt car charger came up to expectations. It charges quickly and efficiently. Delivery was within the described timeframe. And I am perfectly satisfied.
Thank you.
Works well
Device is "turbo" as promised - works well. First order was lost and within a reasonable time, Mobile Fun shipped another free of charge and expedited. Thanks for the great customer service!
Motorolo Car Charger
Very useful car charger interchangeable with many different models of smart phones.
Great charger, thanks!
Great product!
This charger is lightening fast with my Moto X Pure.
Tried loads of car chargers. Only this one actually manages to charge my Nexus 6 while using Maps. Recommended.
Charge fast
Great charger on the go so u could cgarge a lot in short time
Works As Described
I bought this charger because I didn't have a true fast charger for my car, and I wanted to pair my phone with Motorola OE. It charges my phone quickly as it was designed to do. It came with a USB cable and has an LED light to let you know that it is being powered.
Example: Excellent features
The turbo car charger is great for a quick phone charge. It works just as well as the regular wall charger that came with the phone originally. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who only has a short amount of time to charge their phone on the go.
Arrived fast and was exactly what I wanted
Mobilefun.com was the only place that I could find the high speed charger that I was looking for. Even the Motorola website was constantly out of stock of their own product. There were other sites false advertising high speed chargers for Droid turbo 2. When my charger arrived, I was happily surprised that it was exactly what they said. Would recommend Mobilefun to everyone!
Excellent Product, works great
The product works wonderfully. I was originally sent the wrong item, but the sales team work to resolve the issue and send me the correct item.
Very fast!
Charges very quickly
I have a Nexus 6 and have always wanted to get the corresponding car charger from Motorola. It has been sold out with moto and other outlets for quite some time. I managed find this site which still offered it! Now I have the same turbo charging capability in my car as I do with the travel charger!
I'd been looking for this item for several months and couldn't find it anywhere. Was thrilled that mobile fun had it, and at a decent price, but was worried about how long it would take to get it from the UK. I shouldn't have been. It came in about a week and was exactly what I wanted.
Much Needed Accessory
The battery on my Motorola Droid Turbo 2 was actually draining while on trips when plugged into a 2.4 amp car charger. I always run the iBolt Dock'n'Drive app, Google Maps, and Pandora while on a trip.

This Motorola Turbo Charger actually did the trick. My battery now charges while going down the road, still running my apps. The battery charges fast, too. If you have the Droid Turbo 2, you need one of these Turbo Chargers. It made all the difference in the world for me.
Very glad I got this charger. Charges the phones really quickly and takes up no room since it is small. Highly recommend this car charger to anyone with a compatible phone. I use it with a Moto X Play.
Love it!
Once again, I love it. It has made my life easier when I go out and my phone will charge 100% in 15 minutes.
Great charger
Great charger highly recommend
Works amazing, charges my phone super fast! Recommend this highly
Works a dream
After spending a few days using my phone satnav for work and the battery dying before even half of the day had gone I finally remembered to take a charge cable for the USB port, this did not work satisfy as was only trickle charging, I decided to take the risk a pay full price for the official charger, all I can say is WOW my phone does not loose ANY charge now even though I use it as a sat nave for up to 8 hours a day.
TorboPower 15 Mobile Charger
The product works great. Charges my Droid Turbo to 85% in about 15 minutes. It's great to have Turbo Charging on the go just like at home now.
Love it!
Needed a Motorola TurboPower 15 Car Charger so I could charge my phone in 15 minutes. Motorola is out of stock. I'm so glad I could gey it from you!
Turbo Indeed
I was a tad dubious when i bought this charger, i didn't quite believe that it would charge as fast it motorola claims it does. However it does everything it says. Couldn't be more pleasantly surprised.
Like a charm
Works perfectly, I can finally use navigation on my phone while driving without draining the battery! Also small enough to stash away when not in use, and doesn't get in the way while driving. Definitely recommend.
Quick charger!
Really impressed with the charging speed. And it's small and sleek. Perfect.
Really fast
I'm really satisfied with this charger - really fast!

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