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Moshi VersaKeyboard Case with Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ultra-thin and lightweight protective case that features a detachable Bluetooth keyboard with a unique origami style built-in stand designed specially for the iPad Air.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43628
$121.77 inc VAT
 5 stars from 4 customers

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I would have wanted to know that the keyboard is compatible with my ipad, long battery life, that the keyboard is sturdy with many functions as close to a full sized keybooard as possible. I believe that is what I have and it can also be used on my knee when sitting on the bed because of the uniquie folding stand.
Item so far is the most pleasant I have brought and versatile. Love it!
Perfect for my iPad Air2
This cover fits like a glove my brand new iPad Air 2. I love using my tablet on "portrait position", very smart ;)
The keyboard is perfect for taking quick notes at Uni, I also use it for my essays. It is comfortable enough to use it on a daily basis.
Everybody is asking me where I bought my iPad cover!
Great product
The keyboard is simply excellent. I normally use the touchscreen key pad on the iPad Air. However, the decision by Microsoft to develop Microsoft packages for the ipad Prompted a Change. I now use ipad more like a computer and I simply bought the keyboard to manage word processing etc. What I love is that when not in use the keyboard silps into back of ipad. So when I want to watch movies no need to be faced with the keyboard. I find typing is easy and also pairs easily with Ipad. Be aware that it does add some extra weight but in my view not alot. Overall happy with product
Easily the best Ppad case I have ever owned, it just conforms to the shape so well almost like its a part of the iPad. My only concern is the origami cover itself, how long will it hold it hold its sitffness, because once it loses that it wont be able to support the iPad sufficiently, however after 2 weeks of vigorous use it doesnt seem to have lost its stifness.
Other than that the keyboard is excellent, obviously due to the size isnt as intuitive as a standard sized keyboard, albeit I can still touch type on it and is excellent for medium to short typing stints. The keyboard also has the following shortcut keys
Home Button
Hide/display virtual keyboard
Highlight all
Highlight cursor left/right
Volume up/down
Bluetooth off (which will disconnec the keyboard :/ )
Check keyboard battery level (I assume two flashes means battery good)

I have carried the iPad around with the keyboard attached and weight wise I think its perfect, not heavy at all, as a matter of fact gives it more sub stance.

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