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Moshi iVisor AG Anti Glare Screen Protector for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 5S / 5's screen with this 100% bubble free anti-glare screen protector
  • Mobile Fun ID 36319

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$17.58 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 32 customers

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Worth every penny
Initially I thought that the product was expensive but due to the impressive reviews I bought my first one.
I'm now on my third phone and any other cheaper screen protector is a false economy.
Good screen protector but......
this was a really easy to apply screen protector and i was happy with this for the time i had it on.
my only problem with this was when i took it off it left a mark around the screen where it had been stuck down and i had to really give it a good rub with some screen cleaner before it would come off, it did worry me thinking my phones screen edge was permanently marked but a bit of scrubbing gets it gone.
This is a pricey item but well worth it. This screen protector is the best and easiest to fit protector I have ever had. Applied in seconds with no nasty bubbles. A must buy.
Easy Application but Poor Implementation
This is nice looking screen protector but no match for the Power Support Crystal. My first issue with it was that dust appears to stick to the edges so if you want to keep your phone in your pocket, make sure it's nice and clean in there. But my major issue is the effect on the screen. Under artificial light I get a horrible rainbow like effect over almost all the screen like there's a slight gap between the protector and the screen itself.

I've used the Power Support for years but thought I'd try something different. Expensive mistake.
Not Great
Well made and easy to fit but the anti glare screen affects the retina display making it grainy and virtually impossible to see in bright sunlight.
So easy to use
I had heard horror stories about applying sreen protection and living with bubbles! No such issues. Easy to apply in seconds and no bubbles!
Just the easiest
The best screen protector that I have purchased. Simple to apply and no bubbles...!!!
iPhone 5 screen cover
A little expensive but has o be the best screen protector.
Easy to fit and no bubbles.
The best
This screen protector fits the phone spot on it go on with no problem at all and the most important part is you can take it off a reuse it. which is what i had to do when had my phone replaced worth the money every penny.
Excellent Product
Very pleased with product, no bubbles when fitted and nice to touch when scrolling.
I bought my iPhone 5 outright and I want to keep it pristine. The usual stick-on protectors are rubbish, they bubble and get covered with finger prints. I saw the Moshi iVisor AG online and decided to give it a go. It's absolutely brilliant! It went on in two seconds flat, it does NOT bubble and it wipes clean. I have a protector on the back of my phone as well (bubbling, finger prints etc) and I'm actually going to order another Moshi for the back. To anyone considering buying one of these, DO IT!! You won't regret it. :-)
The I visor is absolutely brilliant,fantastic and any other good words you can think of.No bubbles easy to put on and of course prompt service from mobilefun.
Moshi ivisor I phone 5
If you are looking for a screen protector for your phone, iPod, iPad then look no further
I purchased this for my I phone 5 but have used previously with my 4s, iPad and iPod.
Never ever worry about bubbles again. This is the rolls Royce of screen protectors and worth every penny.
Buy once and never have to replace.
great anti finger print finish too.

I promise you will never buy a different screen protector again ans it takes seconds to fit with no bubbles

Order one for all of your devices

Fab product that WORKS
Just the protector I need
Best protector I have ever seen without any air bubbles.
Finally a protector that works and looks good!
I thought that this would be another screen protector that would give me grief and go on wonky and have bubbles and make the front look stupid..... But I was wrong it was simple to apply and even if you get it wrong take it off try again, the no bubbles thing it claims is true as the adhesive is on the surround not on the screen and there is no loss in sensitivity on the screen. It becomes part of the iPhone rather than a accessory. The only small problem is the feel of it it makes the phone feel very plasticky, but the protection is unsurpassed so I personally looked pass that.

All in all I give it 9 out of 10

Easy to apply, instructions easy to follow, can be used again and again, good protection and best of all no bubbles to disturb your viewing!
The best screen protector I have ever used.
I just want to say I am so pleased with this screen protector; it is the best one I have used. I have purchased various ones in the past but none of them come close to the quality of this product.

Apple sell a screen protector but not currently available for the iPhone 5 and it's good but you have to be really good at putting on the screen protector. If you are careful you won't get a bubble, unlike me I ended up going through 2 packs to get it on just how I liked it. At £12.95 it starts to get expensive.

With this screen protector you don't need to be an expert as you can apply it on as many times as you like and if it get's dirty you can wash it. It's impossible to get a bubble with this screen protector. There is no other protector on the market that does this as its patented technology.


first class just the job
this is my second screen protector i phone 4s and now 1 phone 5, this product is the best I have found with 100% bubble free easy to fit and a first class delivery from mobile fun keep it up
Moshi iVisor AG Anti Glare Screen Protector for iPhone 5
Brilliant fit, I also have one for my iPad and they are fantastic, easy to fit/clean & remove... I know these are expensive but you do get what you pay for... Quality item thanks moshi & mobilefun :)

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