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Moshi iVisor AG Anti Glare Screen Protector for iPhone 4S / 4 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 4S / 4's screen with this 100% bubble free anti-glare screen protector with a white edge to match your phone.
  • Mobile Fun ID 32766
$24.34 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 57 customers

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A Wow product !!
At last, a product that really does do exactly what it says on the box.
I have tried many screen protectors and they were all a real pain to fit properly.
None worked as advertised and no matter how you prepared and cleaned the screen, including vacuming, there was always dust and bubbles.
This Moshi product, although expensive, did a first class job and was easily fitted.
Deep down, I was expecting the same old problems, but no, the fitting was faultless.
Well done Moshi for getting it right.
Well worth paying out for perfection.
does what it says it does
bought it for my 15yr old grandson, he put it onto his phone and he was impressed, it really works, i got it right for the first time!! I really should now buy one for my 13yr old grandson soon
first class
i was verry happy with screen prowtector
Just the job
Once again a Moshi Screen protector that fits the bill perfectly.
As the saying goes,it does exactly what it says on the tin.
Good for the iPhone
Did a fair bit of research on this cover after being sick of struggling with the usual iPhone screen protectors & the time to clean the screen & the bubbles........ easy to put on - 3 secs & no bubbles ....YAY! there is a bit of distortion on the screen from the thickness of the silicone? but it took about 24 hours for me not to even notice it anymore. If you use your phone to watch lots of videos maybe get the XT model not the AG but for me the anti-glare factor was the better option. I am now going to buy one for my iPad but will get the XT model as I watch videos on that. Definitely recommend
Best Screen Protector
This is the second one I have bought,the first was for my ipad air,so easy to fit and 100% no bubbles.Service is great too, I would highly recommend.
best ever
This is the second one I have purchased as the first was for my black iphone and changed to a white one these are the best screen protectors so easy to apply and no bubbles yes I would recommend this item 10 out of 10
A step above the usual screen protectors
I have now used the iVisor on an iPhone 4, 4S and 5 and although they are expensive when you can get several basic screen protectors for a few pounds they really are worth the upgrade.

The fact that they can be removed and washed is fantastic and unlike many protectors the tactile feel of the screen is still present were as many cheap protectors take away the great feedback of the naked screen.

Highly recommended!
Brilliant screen protector
Having purchased a variety of screen protectors for iPhones and iPads over the years and experienced the inevitable cluster of bubbles I was sceptical about Moshi's bubble free guarantee. But it really works! It is easy to apply and there are no bubbles - brilliant! It can even be removed, washed and reapplied if necessary. The anti-glare finish really looks good and easily covers fie scratches on a phone screen. Try it yourself - you will never buy another screen protector.
Works well but could be a little better
I decided to go for this cover after wasting money on lots of other screen protectors that NEVER go on without leaving some kind of bubble. Reviews for this cover seemed very positive so figured I would go for it. The cover is extremely easy to put on, absolutely no bubbles first time. The protector has a nice black border on it which gives a professional look. The only thing I would do to improve the cover is to have the hole for the earpiece cut more to the exact size of the phone. The camera hole is exact so why not the earpiece? The screen cover is anti glare and this is noticble and the shine is taken off the screen. Overall very pleased
ivisor is Lovely
Initially the surface was rough gradually it became very smooth,so dont worry if u find it rough initially,
Best Screen Saver.Washed it lot of times now.
No bubbles gauranteed
I am delighted with this screen protector. It is simply the easiest to fit I have ever seen and no bubbles guaranteed. The anti-glare properties are brilliant and it gives my iPhone screen a lovely responsive feel. I don't think there is a better screen protector than this at present and I have tried many over the years. Would recommend this to anyone without hesitation.
Received the product with good condition.
Just the surface of the product is rough ,not as smmoth as the iphone screen is .
But its 100% bubble free and can be removed and installed any number of time without hassles.
excellent screen protector
Easy to apply - no bubbles - can be removed easily, cleaned & 're-applied - best ever used
Anti Glare screen protector
Very impressed with this screen protector..easy to stick onto the phone and it really does exactly what it says...the anti glare works perfectly and you don't need to press on the phone any harder to use it which is something that worried me initially. Great product.
Moshi iVisor AG Anti Glare Screen Protector for iPhone 4S / 4 - Black
This is my second Moshi iVisor, I put a crimp in my first one washing it. They live up to the standards stated on the Websites - No bubbles, easy to apply, no residue on phone when removed & washable. Beware of the of the "Unboxed" offers, save your money. I bought one and it wouldn't stay on for 10 mins, no residue when it fell off, because there wasn't anything on it to leave a residue. Buy the genuine Moshi product and you won't be sorry.
The one and only
There is literally no other product which is as easy to apply, offers such an excellent seel which protects my phone as well. Just what I needed
Does exactly what it says
Simply the best screen protector I have ever used. I took it straight from the packet and within seconds had fixed it to my phone. The greatest thing is that there really aren't any bubbles whatsoever. There was no loss of sensitivity on the touch screen either. Superb product.
Does exactly what the description says!!!
So easy to fit; so perfect it's not true; and so quick with delivery... Recommended without reservation!!!
best I have used
This has to be the best and most easiest screen protector I have used and that is plenty. It is so easy to apply and there are no bubbles
Outstanding screen protector
By far the best screen protector I have ever bought - easy to fit,absolutely zero bubbles,washable and looks fantastic - highly recommended!
Brilliant product
Brilliant product. Been looking for a good quality screen protector for my iPhone 4S as my previous experience of screen protectors left me frustrated with the amount of bubbles. Bought this product after reading all the 5* reviews and glad I did. No bubbles at all! Plus it looks great on the phone as you hardly notice it's there. Definitely recommend. Thanks Mobile Fun!
More than satisfied
Like a lot of previous reviews I was in need of a screen protector that did not suffer the dreaded bubble syndrome. This protector, whilst a little more expensive than most certainly lives up to the description. Within minutes of opening the small parcel (that Mobile Fun had so speedily despatched) and cleaning the screen the protector was in place and not an annoying bubble in sight. A great product bought from a great company. Others take note?
Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant
Super fast delivery from mobilefun. Bought this along with the Moshi screen protector for the iPad, and am extremely impressed with both products. This one comes with a high quality cloth which removed EVERY mark I could see on the phone. Attaching the screen is easy, and unlike other 'no bubbles' products, this one keeps its word. Best screen protector I have ever bought.
Absolutely Excellent
Didnt believe Reviews but they were right - speedy delivery,applied in seconds, not a single bubble, no smears on screen when used - best screen protector ever
A screen protector that has to be the easiest one to fit
Having tried various screen protectors, this one was the best and easiest to fit onto my iPhone. No hassle, no bubbles, perfect
A screen protector that has to be the easiest one to fit
Having tired various screen protectors, this one was the best and easiest to fit onto my iPhone. No hassle, no bubbles, perfect
couldn't be better!
I succumbed to this after getting through three protectors in three days, the bubbles were driving me mad!
This product is excellent. So well worth the extra cost.
Top notch!
What a rarity, a product that actually does what it promises!! I have bought so many screen protectors in the past, especially the more expensive ones, this really is in its own league, way way better than anything else. Fits so easily, zero bubbles and today I had to move mine to a new phone. Removed it, washed it, dried it, replaced it. You would never know, and it now looks as good as the first time I fitted it!
The Best Ever
Excellent the best ever, they easy to apply and just to add I also use the iPad 2 version (NO BUBBLES).
I would give them more than 5 stars if I could
Just what I needed
Have spent a fortune on screen protectors in the past just to end up with a mess this does exactly what it says so easy to apply it only took the one go with no air bubble in sight would definitely recommend nd use this product again also first class service from mobilefun
This is the third one i have purchased,one for myself,my son, &
one to a friend in the u.s.a. as he saw mine,he's never seen one over there,so now you are known over the pond.
So easy
So easy to fit doesn't effect touch screen , no more messy finger marks and looks good. Just need to get one for my I pad now
Effective Screen Protector
A great screen protector in that is seems invisible and is easy to apply without the normal problem with bubbles. Highly recommended.
just what i needed
Have a number of screen protectors in the past few years for nokia samsung and apple but this is one of the best ive ever had it ticks all the boxes just a dream to fit clean screen apply job done no bubbles what a bit of kit.
Best ever
Had a few screen protectors and usually hassle with getting the air bubbles out etc - this product is nothing like those. It's fitted in seconds, no air bubbles to iron out and you do not know its on. Well worth the money- highly recommended.
10 stars.
An absolute must buy - the only protector you need
Having tried at least a dozen screen protectors, the Moshi iVisor is the one you need. Easy to apply, very easy to apply, and no air bubbles. Yes, absolutely no air bubbles. The adhesive is only on the back of the black sections (or white) so you do not get air bubbles on the screen - guaranteed. Can be applied, reapplied, applied, reapplied all within 5-10 seconds. Quite simply, look no further.
This screen protector is the best 100 % no bubbles
anti glare is also very good,thanks to mobile fun for a excel ant service well done, will order from these guys again.
Best yet!!
I've had a number of different screen protectors for the iPhone and this is far better than any of the others I've used.
Myself and my wife both have iPhones and both of us are fussy about bubbles and greasy marks on the screen. This has neither of those problems and is very easy to fit and refit if needed. Great product and worth the price.
It Really Is Very Good
Having read the reviews from this site and on amazon (not all good) i decided to go for this cover and im pleased i did. As people above have said it is easy to install and there is no bubbles at all.
The only draw back for me is it does make the display a little fuzzy but i can deal with that.
This company is is very goo in both communication and delivery and would not hesitate to use them again.

Buy it Now
Fantastic screen protector , easy to fit no bubbles and nice matt finish

a must buy for any Iphone Owner

you won't be disappointed
Best screen protector ever bought
I bought this screen protector having tried many other products. Wow, this is the best! It was installed within 1 minute and looks great. The anti glare works well with the Iphone 4S's beautiful screen and doesn't come away around the edge of the phone unlike many others tried.
Brilliant product, no regrets in buying this!
Does exactly what it says on the tin
I don't normally do reviews but this item deserved one.

Over the years I have fitted screen protectors to all of my phones. I like to think that I am well versed in how to fit these but I have come across some that have been a right pain to fit.

Not this one though, when they say no bubbles and fitted in seconds they really mean it. Absolutely fantastic. Easy to line up and you don't have to spend hours trying to push bubbles to the edge only to find a tiny spec of dust underneath that spoils it.

The item itself is very good quality, it doesn't affect the touch screen in anyway.

Well worth the money.
What a winner!
Just what I wanted - anti glare and protection all in one. This really works and no bubbles, what a bonus. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a simple to fit but very effective screen cover.
no bubbles - so superb
Very well worth the wait for more stock- It's perfect.
So easily positioned & no bubbles . This product is quality & unlike others you can take it off & wash it -AMAZING.

thank you Mobile Fun for the great customer service too.
You can't it is on the phone,& so
easy to fit,it's brilliant.
This item was great easily fitted without any trouble and does what I needed with no hinderance to using the phone at all. Thanks.
First rate
Fitted in seconds, straight out of the pack, no bubbles. Just as it said on the packet
Moshi..The Best
I;ve tried pretty much all the screen protectors out there.Then I discovered Moshi iProtector.It's the best hands hown.No fuss,no bother,smooth as a babys bottom .It's the way all screen protetors should be made.
No bubbles!
Really is easy to use,has a very nice feel and no glare,well worth the money.
Good product
Does what is says on the tin. Covers the front and back of your phone, not to sure about the cutout for the home button, it seems sharp and easy to pick up dirt. Repositions well, I had to play with both covers to get them in the best position. The touch screen doesn't seem to lose any sensitivity, and there's a window for the 'Apple' logo. Combined with a bumper you get good phone protection.
The best screen protector out !!!!!
Hi , Ive bought every screen protector out there , all over £10 , BY FAR THIS IS THE BEST ONE I'VE USED!!
as what they say no bubbles anywhere and the feel of the screen is a unreal ... A child could put this on , it was so easy !!
Excellent Product
Excellent Product though a little expensive but worth it...For me its always higher the price better the quality.. Its for people who want nothing to come between there iphone. Best of all it does what it says no bubbles you just remove it out from it packing and place it on your phone thats it simple as it gets, it took me exactly a minute to put it on. However there is one drawback the backside protector hides the words IPhone and trademarks ;) but it doesnt matter to me. Highly recomended.

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