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Sorry, but Mophie Power Reserve 1350mAh Power Bank - Black has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Mophie Power Reserve 1350mAh Power Bank - Black

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Product Reference: 61460

The Mophie Power Reserve Power Bank in black features an impressive 1,350mAh power capacity. Stylish, compact and portable, it's the perfect travel accessory.


Why Buy?

  • Portable charging when you need it most
  • 1,350mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Stylish, compact and portable
  • Four-light LED status indicator
  • 'Made for iPhone' certification


Portable charging when you need it most

Ensure your iPhone has enough power to make it through the day with the Mophie Power Reserve. This trusty portable power bank will provide peace of mind when you are out and about, ensuring you have enough juice to make that important phone call, send a text message, take a photo, play a game or for simply finding your way around using the iPhone's built-in GPS.

Mophie Power Reserve 1350mAh Power Bank - Black

1,350mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery

With 1,350mAh capacity, you can rest assured that the Mophie Power Reserve will keep your iPhone in action far beyond their own battery power. When your iPhone is running low, just connect it to the Mophie Power Reserve for quick and easy replenishment. Once fully charged, your Power Reserve can recharge your iPhone up to 60%, so don't forget to bring it along on business trips and weekend getaways. The Power Reserve really is the perfect travel companion.    

Stylish, compact and portable

The Mophie Power Reserve's Lightning charging connector is hidden by a stylish and convenient key ring door, so your Power Reserve is a sleek, stylish keyring accessory while it's not charging your iPhone and a potential lifesaver while it is. Its light, compact nature means you can carry it anywhere you want to go, barely knowing it's there.

Mophie Power Reserve 1350mAh Power Bank - Black

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Four-light LED status indicator

Thanks to the LED status indicators, you can ensure that you always have an eye on remaining battery power so that you don't run out of 'juice' when you least expect it.

'Made for iPhone' certification

With the 'Made for iPhone' certification, you can be sure the Mophie Power Bank is fully compatible with your device while also following strict Apple guidelines. This ensures the power bank is of the very best quality, designed specifically for the iPhone and meeting all of Apple's performance standards.

Mophie Power Reserve 1350mAh Power Bank - Black

Key Details

  • Charger Type: Emergency Charger
  • Colour: Black
  • MFi: No

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