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Momax X-Level 2600mAh Battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Momax X-Level is a high quality replacement 2600mAh battery for the Samsung Galaxy S4 equipped with short-circuit and over-current protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39263
$20.28 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 7 customers

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great battery
great price for a battery aed extra power as well
s4 battery
The original battery used power too quickly but the one I purchased from mobile fun gives me 165 minutes more than a brand new original battery. ......
P.S. the score out of 5 for the replacement phone back is also a five.
No NFC support
So the battery works fine as a battery with battery life equivalent to the original Samsung battery. However as there it doesn"t have an NFC antenna NFC doesnt work. (This is an issue for us here in Wellington as our buses have an NFC payment system which would otherwise work with my S4)

The product description should mention the lack of NFC support.
Replacement for OEM
This saved me the hassle of sending away a faulty Samsung original. It just worked so well
More power
I had a particularly heavy day on the mobile phone and the battery nearly expired. I bought this spare and it seems as good as the original. It hasn't had the power draining day the original had but it seems to withstand significant power drain in normal usage, and it is significantly cheaper.
An inexpensive (always available) power back-up
I've used a similar back-up battery for my S2 for the last 2 years and, as it has shown the ability to hold its charge for long periods (months), I just had to have one for the S4. In my opinion it is better to have this 'spare' than to use an oversized battery or a portable charger that takes time to charge the device and may not charge it completely. Small enough to keep in one's pocket and, yes I know one has to fiddle with the case to chanhe it, but that's still better than waiting charge time. At this price it's worth having more than one!

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