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Momax Smart Battery Charger Pack for Samsung Galaxy S3 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Momax smart battery and charger for Samsung Galaxy S3. Charge your spare Galaxy S3 batteries with this well designed and powerful desktop charger.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35946
$23.28 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 7 customers

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Marvelous Maxmo
Excellent, charges batteries really quickly. I bought this due to the charging port on my phone not working properly. I now just swap the battery over from phone to charger and vice versa
The item was exactly as described. Good value.
Very unreliable product
I ordered two of these back in August to accompany S3's for my partner and I (saving plugging mobile phones into wall sockets to charge them).
One battery charger and one wall adapter have now failed, the remaining plug/cable/charger combination does work - but it now requires the cable to be gently 'wiggled' till the light comes on.
When it works it's great (and the charge lasts longer than if you charge to "100%" capacity directly from wall-to-phone), but altogether not reliable.
A must have
I recently had an upgrade to a samsung S3. After using it for a week I noticed the battery doesn't last much more than a day and half. So I decided I need a spare battery. Looking here I found this ideal solution. First it comes with it's own charger so it can be charged in the car, home or pc. Second this battery seems to last longer than my original. Third it's cheaper than the original. This is a must have purchase for any Samsung S3 user as you will never run out of battery. :)
I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9300. Like most other top end featured smart phones the battery is just not completely suited for a heavy users such as my self. Emails, Radio, Music, Browsing, Personal Wifi Hotspot, Gaming. There are numerous uses of these top end devices that may well completely replace your laptop and computer. The 'Momax Smart Battery Charger Pack' as I have experienced, offers the exact solution for the continual use of your beloved smart phones. The battery included is 2100mAh capacity, which on a full charge is lasting longer than my 2100mAh Samsung stock battery. (Due to my phone running out of battery after some hours on my first day of use at which point I charged it through my laptop! New batteries require several uninterrupted cycles of charging and usage until it reaches full capacity!). Currently I have both stock & Momax batteries on rotation in the Momax charger. Needless to say this solution has allowed the Momax battery to reach it's full capacity! I feel at peace stepping out of my home always with a fully charged battery carried in my top pocket. The charger provided is of solid build and does the job as said on the box, the battery is proving it's worth! All for£17.95! The reality...without such a solution your Galaxy S3 does not offer to its user the full spectrum of its functionality as it WILL run out of battery rather quickly. Thank you MobileFun!
Another great find
I ordered a charger, and got an extra battery for my S3 at the same time. Who could ask for more.

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