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Mini Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This mini roll up keyboard makes typing with your tablet / smartphone easy and efficient. With up to 10 meter of cordless range, keyboard will be ready to unroll full size whenever you need it.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37612
$25.93 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 16 customers

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Easy to use
The keyboard has small finger pads but for me that is great. They are very tactile so you know you have clicked the pad. It is soft, so needs a hard surface when typing or it's like tapping on jello. The really valuable tradeoff is you can pack it in a shoe for travel or along the edge of you case. I found it synced with both my iPhone 6+ and Samsung 10.1 Nook tablet. Works for me.
One 16 year old very pleased
Brought this for my son, he needed something larger than his I pad to type on, this does the trick, and can be rolled up and put in the school bag, with no wires it's great. One normally stroppy teenager now happy, great product does exactly what it's meant to.
Avantree Mini Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard
The mini rollable bluetooth keyboard comes neatly packageed and seamlessly connected to my Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone. The keyboard is qwerty. I have rather larger hands, but fortunately, not thick fingers. I am use to a full-size keyboard, but due to the qwerty keyboard, was able to type relatively easy with some minor modifications to my typing position. The keys are much more sensitive than I expected. I half expected that I would have to press harder and words would end up with missing letters. I can't provide yet a review as to durability as I have only used it a couple of times. Currently I would give it a 4 out of a 5 rating, and that is simply because I would like the keyboard to be a bit larger. Other than that, I am very pleased with the product, and the price is appropriate.
Very responsive
One thing I like about it is that this is very responsive. It is also really water and sand resistant. I didn't got any problem in using it in 10 days.
Brilliant piece of kit
The keyboard is excellent and useful for the purpose I need it for ie occasional lesson planning, learning materials. Good reviews convinced me it is a good product and so far I think it is. The keys are precise, I think they need a firmer touch, but I only need it for occasional use.
Really helpful item . . .
Simple to set up and makes typing messages and emails much, much easier! Nice and light – so portable. Small downside is that some keys are configured to alternate positions and I haven’t yet worked out how to get the “hash” sign – but who uses that very often! Also I couldn’t find a download for a manual anywhere, but not really a problem. So overall - very pleased with it . .
Works as expected, but
This is a great little device which works well with my Samsung S3. The battery lasts quite a while (but I haven't used it enough to be able to estimate its maximum duration). It is definitely much easier than using the soft onscreen keyboard, and is great having the full range of number and (particularly useful) cursor keys. Some of the key mapping is a bit different:

- the Function keys work as their shifted icons (e.g. unshifted F8 works as the play pause button)

- it has the US " and @ keys swapped.

The switch off key is at the top right hand corner (where I'm used to having the Del key, so it took me a little while not to keep switching the S3 off!)

It goes into suspended state after a short while of idling which saves battery, and restarts quickly on any key press.

Any downsides?

Its USP (its flexibility) means that it's really not easy to use on the lap - although possibly a bit easier than the much smaller on-screen keyboard if you need numbers, symbols, and text all mixed up - to work ideally, it needs a firm flat base.

It can be a bit difficult to know how to pack for travel - roll it up (and have a funny-shaped thing to fit in) or stand it up between flat things and risk it folding over. It's fine lying flat!

I couldn't get it to connect with a detached Asus Transformer Prime tablet (but that does have its own detachable hardware keyboard, after all!).

I have had this gadget for several weeks, and so far have used it occasionally. It is a perfectly functional Bluetooth keyboard, but has not found its way into my indispensable travelling kit so far. However, I have not ruled out finding a niche for its unique properties - perhaps taking notes when I don't have my laptop!
Compact product - and nice to use
Overall, really good quality product. Like the compact design, only flaw is the side charging unit it slightly too close to make typing a bit awkward.
Very useful device
This keyboard was originally bought for an HTC Desire HD phone, but it does not work on there. It does, however, work really well on the Acer tablet as it seems to have different android features. No more "Fat Finger" syndrome when typing on there and I can now actually type up documents - which I could not do before. Works really well and I am very happy with it.
Drastic reduction in typos!
This keyboard works well with my Galaxy 10.1 tablet - a real reduction in typos and fiddling around with the on-screen keyboard!

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