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Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with 5000mAh Power Bank Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
With a massive 5000MAh battery capacity and Bluetooth keyboard capabilities,you can charge all of your mobile phone while typing on your device.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39306
$40.58 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 31 customers

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One of the best purchase I've made
Double check that it was compatible with my phone .It was it was one of the best purchase I've made
works great!
product works as advertized, even better actually. easy and light weight i use it every day for my phone and tablet. get one you will not be disappointed.
too clunky to type propery with
I has no problem pairing this with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but was really wanting something to touch type with and found this to be too clumsy to type with. It is very much a "thumb keyboard" as you have to press the keys very hard, for me, (female with normal sized hands), the keyboard is to small, the space bar is too small and I found myself having to look for where the keys were. I found that I mistyped most words as one or more letter keys had not been pressed hard enough. I guess you could get used to it but my tip is that if your primary reason for buying this is to touch type, then this is not for you.
Great Compact Gadget
It is simply great. The battery pack lasts a long time. The keyboard is soft to touch and its layout familiar, easy to use. It is surprisingly light and feels robust to get lost in a commuter's bag. The bluetooh works well too. MobileFun did a great job and the delivery was quicker than expected. I'm well pleased with the purchase.
Does the job, but has limitations
At a pinch it's quite usable, and the size and weight are nice for portability. Keys are rubbery like some calculators and certainly you cannot touch type, but for two-thumb style typing it is faster and better than trying to use the touch-screen. I'm using it with a Nexus-5 phone and compatibility is good but some of the special function keys are not supported by the phone (might be OK on other phones) e.g. the keyboard has standard screen brighter/dimmer function keys and also volume up/down/mute function keys but the phone ignores them.

The battery feature is nice, but I had some problem with the seam of the case opening up and people tell me that's caused by a low-quality battery that expands. So far the unit is still working despite that, hopefully it does not get any worse. If you are stuck in a difficult place, better to have a slightly dodgy battery than no battery at all!
Big Keys For Big Fingers
No more frustration with the tiny keyboard on my phone screen! I was forever hitting the wrong key but now I get it right and the power bank is a bonus.

Just remember the " and @ keys are swapped.
recipient very happy
very quick delivery even before Xmas,recipient was very happy with it, does exactly what it says - her only problem is that she still needs to remember to take the charging lead for her iphone and would have preferred a rectractable one built in!
good battery, almost great keyboard
i got this thumb keyboard battery combo because all the thumb keyboard options are horrible. this battery is fine, charges big stuff like ipad 2 and big sony camera and charges small stuff like iphone 4 (to charge you have to push the power button after plugging in device.

so the keyboard is not amazing, it has soft rubber variable depth keys with no center key finger rests (most keyboards have extra texture on the f and j keys so you know your fingers are centered), but the keyboard is growing on me, yes i desperate for a physical keyboard but it is a millions time better than a touch keyboard, i highly recommend this product if you like thumb keyboards, i have many laptops with many size keyboards, and using a thumb keyboard without looking at the keys is my dream, if i could talk to the product designers i would ask for the center key texture on the f and j key and i would ask for the hard plastic key fixed travel distance type keys like a motorola droid 4,
not received
I have not received the item yet
Good little item!
Got this so I don't have to worry about my phone dying while I'm out and about at weekends! It gives me at least two full charges for the Razr which is fantastic and I don't have to worry about switching everything off to save battery power anymore. The keyboard is easy to use although there is no £ sign only $ and not all the functions seem to be compatible with my device but as I bought it as a power back up this isn't really an issue for me.
Great Product
This small bluetooth enabled keyboard is just what I wanted to use with my iPhone. The product is not much bigger than the phone. The keyboard is well made and responsive, excellant for typing e mails, messages etc when you don't want to use the onscreen keyboard. An extra added bonus is the built in power pack. I can recharge my iPhone up to 3 times with this little device. Excellant when I'm away from home, the office and the car. Highly recommend.
Great back up battery
My main requirement was for a back up battery but when I saw this device with a built in Bluetooth keyboard I thought it would be perfect. Well, my primary requirement has been perfectly satisfied but if you really need a keyboard don't rely on this product because, not surprisingly, it is quite small and it does not have a very positive feel. So, this is a great back up power source but the keyboard has too poor a feel and is just too small to be considered an alternative to a purpose built 'proper' Bluetooth keyboard. It is still good value for money, though.
Multi Functional!
This device is a delight. It is light and easy to store in a pocket or briefcase. It has a positive key action as a keyboard and doubles as a massive power pack to re-charge my phone or tablet when on the road.
This item is fantastic. If you have a small keypad on your phone then I definitely recommend it. It connects to any device via Bluetooth and is very easy to set up. The same size as a phone and so you can take it anywhere. I use this keypad on all of my Bluetooth devices and wouldn't be without it now. Fantastic item. Well done Mobile Fun, another great piece of technology
I would not have a clue about this device but my daughter at university studying children's
Loved it
Made life so much easier
This keyboard has made using my work PDA so much easier. Not only is it great for typing it charges my device at the same time. Now going to buy 5 more for my other engineers.
Bluetooth Keyboard with 5000mah Power Bank
It arrived at 12.50 (for a 13.00 Delivery). The postman dropped it on a concrete floor before I had even signed for it, so that concerned me. The packaging could have been a lot better but it seemed o.k when it was opened.

The keyboard paired very easily with all my items and worked on all of them. I was disappointed with the keyboard as there was no pound sign or Euro Sign, so this was obviously made for the American market, as there was a dollar sign. Perhaps it didn't sell over there so we ended up with it to get rid of what was left over. The rubber keys didn't always seem to work straight away, but it is much better when you have big hands as I do than the keyboards on the phones.

The charger side of the device can not be faulted, it charged all my devices including my IPad with no trouble whatsoever.

It would have been nice to have been given a little bag with a drawstring on it to put it in. If the keyboard had been better it would have got 5 stars.
nice accessory for Blackberry Z10
+ 5000mAh backup battery for your devices
+ comes with miniUSB and microUSB adapters (1 usb-to-microusb cable and a microusb(female) to miniUsb(male) adapter)
+ compact size (same size as the Z10)

- when using the backup battery to power your mobile device, the battery status leds (4 bright green leds) are lit up all the time (hard on your eyes if you work in dark rooms)
- keys are a little too soft
- no all the functions are interpreted by the Z10 (change screen brightness for example)
Pretty good but could be better
This device is great for charging which is mainly what I bought it for but I was hoping the keyboard would be a bit better. It's well made but it is hard to mistype as the rubber keys are a little stiff. Overall I am happy though as it looks like it will charge two phones from almost flat.
ma questions
Looking is awesome and charging intension is very good...but my que is ...does it full compatible with my phone samsung galaxy mega5.8 does it work full function..it charge ma phone and use like external keyboad.
Excellent product and service
I was jus blown away on seeing the powerbank coupled with a bluetooth keyboard. It looks amazing and is a unique concept. The keyboard is smooth and though not of much use wen travelling, the novelty of the product makes it worth buying at this price. Highly satisfied with the product and the service.
Great Add-On
I was pleased with performance, ease of installation and the usefulness of this piece. Made my life easier and found the product to exceed my expectations. It has saved the day for me with the keyboard and battery back-up. Just a great addition to my phone facility . I was also pleasantly surprised with the fast arrival and the quality of this product. I am used to having a phone with a slide-out keyboard. Being an adventurous person, I ordered the unit to add the keyboard. I was impressed with all aspects of this addition to my new phone equipment.
surprisingly good device
I was attracted by with it being a bluetooth keyboard that would fit in my pocket. The benefit being that it will charge my iPhone.

Pairs with devices effortlessly and will charge on demand, even did a colleague's phone with an adapter kit that I happened to have.

One little niggle is that it will only discharge with some devices, so a mobile fan or light is detected and the discharge will stop, a safety cut out I guess.

all in all a very good value purchase

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