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MiLi Power Spring 5 Charging Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Mili Power Spring 5S / 5 a slim-fitting snap-on case protects your iPhone 5S / 5, while an attachable battery sleeve charges your phone all day long, virtually doubling battery life for longer on-the-go usage. In Black
  • Mobile Fun ID 40441
$64.86 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 5 customers

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What I wanted
Looks good, never run out of charge and it works well. I would buy a 2nd one. It also protects my phone.
Perfect Backup Case
After carrying around a portable recharge unit for my iPhone5 I started to look for something much easier to use and something I would never forget and something not as bulky as a separate unit. When I looked at the MiLi I thought this would be the solution. How right I was. It's not much bigger than the iPhone5 so fits neatly in my pocket. If fact you don't even notice it's there. What places it head and shoulders above the rest is the case is only as long as the phone whereas most of the competition are at least 10mm taller. A great investment, I'd recommend one to anyone any day.
Awesome Case
This product is awesome. The smallest battery case ever. Slim and sleek.
MiLi Power Spring 5 Charging Case
The item was good and the extra power useful. The only negative was the lead from the item to the handset which wtopped working properly after being plugged and unplugged into the handset. This was the only downside, otherwise everything was great and we were really pleased with the MiLi charging case.
Very helpful. Charges quick slim and compact totally helpful.

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