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MicroSIM Cutter Tool Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ideal for using your existing SIM card in new mobile devices such as the iPhone and Galaxy S3, this tool simply cuts a regular SIM card into the Micro SIM format.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25079
$11.66 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 7 customers

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Life saver ! Should be promoted more
Easy solution to creating a microsim card. Apart from taking a little care to centre the gold/ shiny bit of the standard sim card in the cutter [which is just like an oversized hole puncher]cutting the card to the perfect fit for the new phone...just wish that this item had been offered "as you may need this for your new smart phone"...It was only when I opened the sim card tray I realised that the standard one wouldnt fit !
Useful and effective
Purchased this because it was quicker than waiting for Virgin Media to send me a replacement SIM card. Delivered on time (as with the rest of the itmes I ordered). Unboxed it and used it straight away. Worked like a charm. Newly cut card put straight in new phone, working immediately with no problems whatsoever. Did what it said on the box and the adapter is useful if I need to put the card back in an old phone at any time.
Done the job easy to use
Cut down the sim nicely
Almost worked
Easy to use, but the resulting micro SIM was just slightly too large so I had to resort to scissors
Works perfectly
This device does exactly what is is supposed to, converting a standard SIM card into the micro-SIM needed for an iPhone or an iPad. The device is solid and heavy and feels as though it will cut accurately and last forever. Usefully, it also comes with an adapter so that even after you've cut your SIM card you can still use it when a standard SIM is required.
MicroSIM Cutter Tool.
Great piece of kit with u tube demo to support.
SIm Cutter
What can I say but it works. SImple to use and worked first time when I cut down my full size Sim so it would fit my new I Phone 4.

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