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Micro SIM Adapter Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The MicroSim adapter converts your MicroSim card into a normal sized Sim Card. Perfect if you swap phones but don't want to go through the hassle of changing your number.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25843
$10.36 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 4 customers

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Prompt and reliable
Every phone should have one
What a brilliant little piece of kit. Since moving on to a phone with a micro SIM card my existing, unlocked phones have been redundant. This adaptor has brought them back to life. Every user should have one as it means that if you are going abroad there is more flexibility over the card you can use and the tarriff.

Just make sure you use a piece of tape over the back of the card to keep it from coming out of the front of the adaptor.
Life Saver ... ok - rather dramatic but thats how I felt ...
Having received a brand new shiny phone - then had to get a brand new shiny MicroSIM to go with it ... Then to my horror the brand new phone dies ... never mind I cry - back to my trusty old model... then HORROR OF HORRORS - I have this new tiny MicroSIM and a phone that wants a normal SIM... EEEKKKK .... THEN - there it was .. the wonderful MicroSIM Adapter .... Ordered one day - recevied the next ...

The MicroSIM fits into this adapter soooo easily - and the relief to know that no matter what happens - I will always have a back up option should I have any problems with my all singing dancing phone (yes - broken twice so far) - I won't name names...

I cannot recommend this great little product highly enough and of course the speedy delivery from MobileFun always helps!
Just what I need when changing to a older type phone.

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