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MFX Screen Protector - Apple iPad 4 / 3 / 2 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Long lasting protection and safe guards the iPad's screen from dirt and scratches. Compatible with both iPad 4 / 3 / 2.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28379
$10.81 inc VAT
 2.6 stars from 8 customers

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Screen cover
This screen protector was very cheap,but really quite difficult to apply.It took me some time to do this and the end result not marvellous.
However it does a job and I will have another go at getting rid of the bubbles.
Not what i wanted
Had great trouble putting protector on could not get rid of bubbles and specks of dust
Easy to fit - almost
Having read previous reviews I was a bit apprehensive buying this, but didn't experience any of the problems mentioned. The screen protector was easy to get onto the screen without bubbles (after a bit of massaging). The main problem is the lack of instructions which meant that when it came time to remove the top protective sheet, the whole thing came off and no matter what I tried it would not go back on again without horrendous bubbles.
Very difficult to fit
I found this item difficult to fit - the instructions were almost non-existant and not helpful. I've had two goes now but think I will just have to remove it and give it up as a bad job.
Don't buy complete waste
I have fitted these screen protectors to many devices, this one though even fitting from one corner and smoothing as I went just collected air pockets which then could not be smoothed out.

Waste of money and time

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