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MFX Screen Protector 5-in-1 Pack - Google LG Nexus 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your screen in pristine condition with this 5 pack of MFX scratch resistant screen protector
  • Mobile Fun ID 37189
$13.52 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 26 customers

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Excellent product and service
Delivery was very quick. Fitting the screen saver was easy once I had got the hang of it. Needed to waste one as part of the learning curve. Over all very satisfied.
Banish Smudgy Finger Marks!
I have used screen protectors before. Clear pieces of plastic but you get tailored clear plastic to front your phone, plus an applicator to get rid of the bubbles in this purchase. I apply mine in a bathroom after a shower for best results. With or without clothes - it's optional.
It's ok.
Got my screen protector within 4 days. It took me 5 minutes to place the protector over my Nexus 4 screen. There were no bubbles. It was cut-out pretty well as not to cover the camera and sensors but the width is quiet narrow by at least 3mm and the length is short by at least 2mm. I'm afraid these unprotected areas might get scratched.
good so far
I've only recently attached this Protector to my phone but so far it seems to be protecting my phone well and was easy to install.
It doesn't cover the entire screen even though i have a hard case as well but so far I haven't noticed any disadvantage.
Good value
You don't need to spend large sums on screen protectors as they all scratch eventually. This product is great value and does what it says on the packet. Very good value
MFX Screen Protector 5-in-1 Pack - Google LG Nexus 4
Came with everything needed in the package, very easy instructions and very simple to install, doesn't cover the entire screen from side to side like an iphone protector would, but combined with a case works very well
Has cutouts for the front facing camera and the motion sensor
All you need for great value
Great value for a pack of 5 screen protectors. Used to have very expensive ones but they wear off anyway, much better off having five of these and change them every 6 six for a fresh and crisp feel to your smartphone.
Excellent Product
Perfect fit, easy application and works a treat. Screen still looks great and no loss of touch screen sensitivity. Not sure why others are whinging about the length, I certainly wouldn't want this 3mm longer. It is great as is.
This combined with the dbrand back cover skin has my phone looking great and protected against scratching.
Good but only front side
It's good and transparent. Easy to install.. But unfortunately only the front side.. Not the back side of the nexus 4. Which is also glass.
Excellent value for money. I found it a little difficult to fit but then I do have trouble tying my own shoelaces!
Ideal product.
I found this to be a great value product. Everything you need is included in the kit. Followed the instructions(do wash and dry your hands just before)and had a perfect result. Now satisfied knowing that the screen is protected from scratches etc. and that I still have 4 more for the future.
did the job
After a disappointing experience which effectively wasted 15 pounds on a twin pack of BodyGuardz protectors, this was much more satisfying. The tabs were at the right end (unlike the BodyGuardz - see my other review), so I got the placement right on the second attempt, and the screen is back to its natural crystal sharpness. Sure, the length of the protector is 2/3mm short, but that doesn't bother me (and I'm normally a bit OCD about these things). Amazing that they cost 2 pounds each, vs. 7.50 each for the BodyGuardz!!

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