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MFX Screen Protector 10-in-1 Pack - Google LG Nexus 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your screen in pristine condition with this 10 pack of MFX scratch resistant screen protectors.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37192
$19.39 inc VAT
 4 stars from 4 customers

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screen protector - revised review: top notch
Was uncertain of something when I first reviewed this item and have got to the bottom of my uncertainty. This is a great product and a wicked deal!
OK-ish, waiting to see.
The protectors apply easily - the little kit is great. My reservation is caused by the protector covering up what looks like a lens: I'll check this next time I change it. If it is a mistake on my part I'd give this four stars - the product is good quality and a pack of ten! If it turns out there is a lens covered I'd give it two stars for not being researched properly.
Reasonable quality, but a little small
Although these cover most of the screen (and certainly the part at the top that matters most), they are about 3mm too short to cover the bottom of the screen. As a result I would say that they are best used with a flip-style case as well, rather than just a bumper or gel case that leaves the front exposed.
Excellent quality
Very good not quite exact size fit but went on smooth with no bubbles.

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