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MFX Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
  • Mobile Fun ID 47278

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 4.4 stars from 3 customers

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Great alternative to plastic cover
Having a glass cover provides more robust screen protection than plastic and avoids the bubbling that plastic screen covers introduce. Be aware that you will only get one go at placing it as it is sticky throughout on the fixing side. I somehow have introduced a sizeable circle bubble but this in no way interferes with viewing experience and feel confident if dropped the glass cover would break rather than whole screen.
Simply the best protection.
I bought an MFX glass screen protector for my Samsung Note phone last year, and as a result this was the first thing I bought the instance I had a new tablet.

This is so tough that the screen seems to be completely protected - nothing seems to scratch it, and it's the only screen protector I've come across so far that you completely forget is there. It's made of glass so it just seems as though the screen is fractionally thinker, it's just as sensitive to finger or stylus as the glass underneath, and there are absolutely no bubbles or even the slightest sign of them.

Yes, it's not cheap , but after spending over £400 on a top of the range tablet, why would I want to economise on protecting it by putting a cheaper and ineffective screen guard onto it?

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