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Metal Style Replacement Back for Samsung Galaxy S3 - Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This red coloured metal style replacement back is the perfect accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Mobile Fun ID 35776
$20.28 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 27 customers

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wireless charger review
I rec'd the charger without the plug adapters needed for North America; once they were rec'd (without cost) the charger worked perfectly. The metal SG iii back seems to block wireless charging
Great Back for the S3 but Be Careful
The back is excellent and is great value for the cost. It is much stronger than the original back and it fits the phone like a glove. Also, it is extremely attractive and many may wish to use it without a case. However, be aware that the displacement volume of the back is significantly greater than that of the original back. This means that certain cases such as the harder, snug ones may not fit the phone with this back. I found this out with the Case-Mate Barely There case that I bought at the same time.
Good looking, durable
Excellent looking back cover for the phone, bought it to replace the flimsy plastic cover that comes with the phone. Adds some weight to the phone, which I feel is a good thing, as one of the first thoughts that I had after receiving my new S3 was that it felt very light in the hand.
My only criticism of the phone is the metal writing on the back seems to protrude by a fraction of a millimetre and is rather rough, which is the only reason I hesitate to give it the full 5 stars
Samsung galaxy S3 rear cover gunmetal
A very good quality cover which matches the S3 pebble blue handset perfectly.
The only drawback is the lack of NFC compatibilty.
If you can manage without NFC then I would recommend it.
red sa Samsung galaxy a3
just got the red back door cover fits and looks awesome a must have
Fits well, looks good...
He ain't heavy, he's my back-cover
A replacement back cover that add's almost nothing to the overall size of your SIII but makes it feel a little more solid. It makes the phone look pretty nice too, much better than the stock back plate from Samsung.

I gave 4 stars because the side of the cover is Black so it doesn't match the white or the blue SIII. Hopefully they'll at least do a white one. It is still very nice.

BTW: My SIII is white

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