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Metal-Slim UV Protective Case for HTC One X - Graphite Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Specifically made for the HTC One X, this protective UV graphite hard shell will shield your phone from everyday knocks and drops.
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$20.28 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 16 customers

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Slim, Simple and splendid
I used different cases with my mobile, but this is the most useful one. It's slim, so, it doesn't add to the weight of the mobile. It's simple, easy to put on and remove. Also, it doesn't hide the beauty of HTC mobile design; so it's splendid.
htc one x UV protective graphite case
Within a week of using it it has developed a small crack near the audio port. the case has only been taken off twice and has not been dropped as of yet. This might be uncommon as I have not heard of any reviews where this has happened.

thanks Joseph
Great cover
The cover gives my phone extra support, fits it perfectly and looks good too. I'm pleased with my cover.
Needed to replace my old damaged cover
Needed a new phone cover after my original rubber/plastic one began to split around the edges, after being dropped a couple of times. The Metal Slim is a very good fit to the phone, not making it look or feel bulky. Access to buttons/socket are not obstructed. The textured non slip finish feels good in the hand. Will definitely look at buying this brand again for my next phone.
Protective case
Have been using this case for a couple of weeks now and must say I am very pleased so far, it is an excellent fit to the HTC One X and does not detract from the One X's appearance. This is the 4th case I have tried with the phone, the first 2 were official HTC cases but they cracked on the corners, so far this is standing up well to any little knocks & bumps. I have a full on case that has silicone case & hard outer shell but that is too bulky for everyday use, so this Metal Slim case is a nice compromise.
The best cover for a slim phone
If you have a award design winning phone, a superslim like HTC OneX you would not wish to add any bulky, massive cover to protect it. Actually I would prefer the most slim one to keep the protection up- a 5 star phone NCAP protection. :)
The HTC covers designed for HTC one are nice, slim and balance weight. But... They do NOT protect the camera and their surface do not help you to keep the phone in safety in your pockets or hands..
I discovered the MetalSlim case and I was in-loved. Slim, low wight, with a rugged surface, masculine, keeping all the functions of the phone ad offering the right protection, including the camera protection (the design around camera is protuberant to avoid the contact of the camera with the surfaces where the phone stays. Actually I am so worried about the possible lack of this cover in the future (they were some sold out periods) - so I decided to have a stock of 2 :). And it was great. Actually my phone experienced few long way down impacts and nothing bad happened- due to Metal Slim Case.
Nice, tactile case
I like this case a great deal. It's slimline but feels reasonably tough. The finish is textured and is reassuringly 'grippy' and pleasing to the touch. Looks good and feels good.
Quality case
I wanted a case that didn't add to much bulk but gave some protection. This case does the job perfectly! It looks perfect on the phone, in fact it is hardly noticeable. It is a very good fit leaving full access to the volume & power button ect. The main reason for me getting this case was to provide protection for the camera lens, which it does perfectly. The case sits just slightly proud of the lens. Also the screen is given a bit of protection as the side's of the case are again just slightly raised. So if you put the phone, screen down it will not make contact with the surface. Highly recommended!
Good High Quality Case
As soon as I got the case I was really impressed by the look and feel of it. Most other white cases are a slightly different shade of white to the actual phone, however this ones looks perfect, almost like it is a part of the phone itself once fitted. A small issue you do have to watch out for however, the case is extremely tight fitting! Once I put the case on I found it impossible to remove without actually damaging it, so make sure that once you put it on you wont have to take it off because it will make it impossible to use the sim card tray or change batteries. Other than that, overall the case looks very elegant, adds no bulk to the phone and just generally looks good.
Nice Case
This case is nice and thin, approximately 1mm thick so it doesn't make the phone feel any thinker for bulkier. The fit is also very good, but the best bit I think, is that the case protrudes above the camera just a fraction so when you put the phone done in it's back the lens is just kept off the surface. The thing I'm not sure about is the case surface. It is very textured which helps to stop the phone slipping out your hand or pockets etc, but I'm worried that with use smooth patches will develop which will look horrible. Finally you get a screen proctor with the case, its a little small in the width, but a nice bonus non the less.

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