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Masterplug Surge Protected 1A USB and Mains Charger - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Simultaneously charge two mobile devices as well as using your existing power socket with this pass through-enabled USB mains charger by Masterplug with built-in surge protection.
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 4.9 stars from 87 customers

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Twin USB Charger with a Couple of Convenient Features
This very convenient UK mains plug charger combines two USB charging outlets with a UK 13 amp mains socket. This means that when the unit is plugged into a single mains socket outlet you are still able to insert another 13 amp plug into the mains. The two USBs are capable of charging my iPhone and ipad from 0 to 100% simultaneously within a few hours. I usually plug in overnight and, as others have said, if the indicator lights annoy you place a piece of insulating tape over one or both to screen the glare. The additional mains socket outlet within the unit allows me to keep my bedside light plugged in. Previously I was using a world wide travel plug with three USB outlets but I noticed this made the iPhone or ipad become electrified to the touch. The tingling sensation generated by this unit was not painful and obviously not life threatening as I'm still here, but I wasn't happy with this situation and by changing to the Masterplug the problem has gone away. The masterplug is manufactured to UK standards and has surge protection built in to avoid damage to your delicate equipment. I recommend.
masterplug charger
This is a very good, well designed and made product. The inline design means that it can be used very easily without interference and is very flexible.
Very useful
Does exactly as described. I bought an electrical face cleansing brush and was amazed to find it had to be charged using a USB socket. Was delighted to see this little device on Mobile Fun and for a good price. Now I can see lots of other uses for it too so definitely a good buy!
5 star
Fantastic 3 in 1 adapter. Very lightweight and portable and wouldn't travel now without it.
Master plunge
Excellent , how did I ever manage without this ?

Excellent service quick delivery
Brilliant Gaget
great gaget small and compact
Great add on idea
This is a great idea that still allows you to use a power socket whilst charging 2 devices. Previously I had to use two separate chargers which was a bit of a pain. Now if it had 2 retractable charging leads integrated that would make it awesome :-)
What I needed
A very good item to allow more than one piece of equipment to be charged at once and still leave a 13 amp socket free.
You will wonder how you managed without it
Bought a few of these and they have just been so useful. Gave one to each of the children who said it was the most useful thing I'd come up with (hard earned praise)!

It is small but can charge 3 things at once so ideal by the bed, going on holiday and as presents. With weight restrictions these days I just take this and one converter plug and the leads and I can charge in no time.

It is also neater than loads of things charging separately as it takes up less room on the bedside table. Doesn't seem to slow charging down either as some others have done. Thoroughly recommend
all sorts of useful
Same price as a lot of other standard usb mains chargers with a whole host of extras. surge spike protected is a fantastic feature, especially for those travelling. the standard socket interface too for the extra option of charging a laptop at the same time.

this has already garnered a heap of interest at work. multi-tasking at extremely low prices.

this is a purchase you will not regret making from a very reliable provider, Mobilefun.co.uk
Great product. Exactly as described. You can charge 2 items that use USB and also plug another item that requires mains.
Excellent charger
This is a superb piece of equipment which allows me to charge two items the same time as well giving me a power output. It's now and invaluable piece of equipment
good product
What was advertise, was bang on.
Helps make Best Use of Limited Resources
Everything needs a power socket these days, so why hog a whole socket with just a USB charger when you can use this and free up the mains sockets as well?
The ideal product
Charges 2 phones at once, exactly what it's meant to do, with the added attraction you can still use the socket for other mains powered items due to the pass thro socket
Just what I needed
helped free up a socket because I can still charge my mobile and use the socket at the front of the box.
Does what it says on the tin!
Easy to use - straight from the packaging to the wall socket in a matter of seconds. Easy to install and even easier to use
Perfect dual USB charger and main plug
Perfect accessory for all my USB devices.

Can charge my electronic cigarette, iphone and use the main plug to charge the laptop all at the same time.
Small enough to take away on business.
Brilliant value for a quality item
I bought this charger to replace the Samsung original charger which had stopped working. It was a very reasonable price and feels like a sturdy product. There are two usb ports for connecting your phone, tablet etc and enables you to still use the socket as a normal power socket whilst giving you two usb connections. There is also the added bonus of surge protection for whatever is plugged in. The power light is a nice bright blue light and the surge protection is shown by a white light.
It charges my samsung S3 very fast, I am extremely pleased with the product.
USB & mains surge charger...
Really happy & delighted with USB & mains charger & i would definitely recommend it to my friends...

5 stars from me...

Sincere thanks,

Mr. Stephen James Woodhead...
useful little charger
I bought this to charge phone, tablet and mp3 player etc; and so far it seems to be wouking very well. The only major flaw is that it will not charge a samsung galaxy note10.1 tablet via one of the usb ports alone, it's only possible to charge the tablet using the original charger and lead plugged in to the 3pin socket, thus making it not so tidy when plugged in. However being able to charge 3 products simultaneously and together is a bonus.
I would have preferred the usb ports to be located on the lower side of the plug, for neatness rather than the upper side whereby the leads loop out and trail causing a snag/catch hazard when places on a work surface.
With full surge protection, comes peace of mind.
Overall very usefull.
A little gem
What a brilliant piece of kit, compact, neat, stylish and most importantly, does the job a treat. Plug in two usb devices into the perfectly positioned slots in the top of the unit, plug the unit into the wall socket and the subtle effective lights on the front of the unit confirm you are in business. This is a well designed and very well thought out device, excellent for charging the iPad, iPhone or other USB equipment. And to top it all its surge protected and all for a very reasonable price. So impressed I will be grabbing another one at some point
Twin USB mains charger
Waited for this come back on offer and has proved invaluable. I only need to use one plug socket to charge two phones at the same time ! With the added option to still use the socket if required.
need them
really good and more space for plugs
Great little piece of kit would definitely tell my mates to get one of these.
really useful product!
One day all mains plugs will be like this. So simple - so obvious - so useful.
Charges almost anything with USB cable and boils the kettle at the same time - great!
Great Product
Well I saw this item and it is FANTASTIC it charged all my items no problem and better still saved my computor after a power surge well worth the money and have already recommend it to lots of friends. As I say to my kids use it or lose it
Good product
Very robust, reliable and useful. Double USB outlet and not taking up an electrical socket are good, and surge protector valuable. The only niggle, as with many other products, is that the indicator lights are bright which is disturbing if you use it in the bedroom at night.
just the thing
The surge protector I bought was the tthe best item I have got for a long time. its just brilliant it does what it says on the tin reccomend it to anybody
Just what I needed
Great gadget can charge 3 items or 2 and having something else plugged in.
Recovered two power sockets!
Now I can charge my phone and tablet in the bedroom and still have the socket available for the radio - plus the socket is now surge-protected! Excellent.
Free up those sockets
Allows the charging of 3 devices from a single socket. Created my own charging station and stopped my wife unplugging my phone to charge her own. Charging rate equals manufacturer supplied chargers and quicker than charging from a laptop USB socket. Well worth the small cost, which is less then most replacement chargers
great tool
the masterplug is a great piece of kit charging two devices at once and with another socket free can even charge another device all at the same time, brilliant.
very good
the product,price,delivey,are all
very good recomendid
Not quite perfect (for me) - shame
If this came with an integral universal power adaptor (eg europlug) similar to the tomtom and kindle chargers then this would be perfect. I would happily even pay a little more for it. Shame, I think Masterplug have missed a trick here, this would enhance the features and use and make it virtually unique in the market.
the second one worked
The first one I bought didn't work properly but the vendor, MobileFun.co.uk sent me a new one. It does have very bright lights on it, which is disturbing if you use it in a bedroom at night, but otherwise, very good.
Perfect Gadget
Sods law dictates that having more than one gadget that requires charging will find that both gadgets will require charging at the same time.

No worries you may think just plug it into 2 different sockets.This gadget however charges both items utilising just the one socket but even that socket will still be useable.

Excellent. Charged my camera and phone at the same time with one plug
Sockets are always at a premium on holiday. Problem seems to get worse as we accumulate electrical items which need recharging. Some are sensitive to power surges as well. So, the Masterplug helps solve all this.
master plug
I ordered 3 pi ces and gave to my daughters. Immediately fell in love this device.
It is tidy, neat snd modt in important safety eitn one plug.
I certainly highly recommend this device. I also be ordering the device witn dual plug.
Great Device
I use this product in two ways;
When at home there are only two plugs beside my bed so it is useful to have the socket free to plug in a lamp etc. but also be able to charge three devices.
When travelling I dont want to have to lug loads of plugs and chargers so this device allows me to plug in my laptop but also charge my other devices via USB.
It is a bonus that this device has surge protection as that gives peace of mind.
the only gripe I have is that it has two very bright lights on the front which is not good when trying to sleep. They may look stylish but not very practical in the bedroom which is probably where most people would use this. I have covered these with a small piece of electrical tape which works fine.
Overall I am very please with my purchase and would recommend it.
An ideal plug for travelling and to be able to charge 2 items at once
When received the master plug proved to be just what I needed. Service was quick and efficient item arrived as expected
Whoever thought this up needs a medal!
Absolutely love this item. I was able to charge my iPad as well as use my hairdryer! Amazing the things people invent!
A useful gadget
So useful especially as it still leaves the socket free. It is also great for popping in a bag if you are going away on holiday. These days it is so important to save space and this is ideal.
no more hogging all the plugs
As both myself and my wife use all manner of mobile devices that usually all want charging at the same time, freeing up the plug socket with its clever design means that everybody is a happy bunny now.
Just what I needed
Cool surge protector and 2 USB charging ports - perfect!
Just the job
I'm off on holiday shortly and will need to charge my phone, my wife's phone and my kindle - with this I can charge all three from one socket. Delighted.
Does what it says on the tin
Use it in my lorry to charge phones tablets from my 24v inverter .
Works better than plugging direct from inverter to phone or tablet seems to filter out the surge you might get direct from the inverter.
Excellent piece of equipment and good value for money
Does what it says on the tin
Neat and compact works a treat.
Simple, functional & effective
It simply does what it says it will do - you can charge two USB-chargeable devices at the same time whilst the main socket you are using remains available for other use. Added benefit is that all connected items (including the mains socket) are surge-protected.
An effective simple device at a reasonable price.
Fantastic Goods and Service
Having been a long time buyer of your excellent range of products, I have to say, that your Service is fantastic, the products are always what you say they are, and I have no doubt that when I place an order with you, it is dealt with immediately, I always receive confirmation from you, also when you have dispatched the product
Good charger
Very happy with the surge protected charger, looks good, does exactly what I bought it for, works great, charges my devices well and is already proving very useful around the house, glad I bought it, overall, vey happy with it.
Nice and Tidy
This is the nice tidy solution I was looking for. It allows us to charge our various devices and not take up socket.
A wonderful idea.
This product is so useful I cant understand why it wasnt made some time ago!
Multi charger
The masterplug pass thru USB charger is excellent. I work in an area where I'm often having to charge several devices but only have a couple of sockets available.

The two 1A USB sockets deliver enough charge even for the Galaxy Note 2 and it's immense battery. Best of all there's still a socket left to use on the front of teh plug.
even better
Got this item so quick. It is even better than I thought it would be I can have phone and tablet on charge and still have a plug if j need it. Absolutely brilliant idea and creation.
Couldn't have asked for better.
Master plug
Excellent item well made just what you need when you have a iPad / iPhone .would recommend to any one
Good simple multi-use plug
This plug is great for travel and home and means that I am not always pulling plugs out of sockets to deal with device charging. Yes, if both USB spaces and the three pin lug are in use, the charging time slows up, but it is fine for overnight charging purposes. I am very pleased with my purchase.
only one charger
I purchased the Masterplug Surge Protected 1A USB and Mains Charger, purely for the price but after using it at home i found i had bought a little gem! going on holiday meant taking chargers for my phone,video camera, stills camera, tablet and my tooth brush my hand luggage was almost full, now i only need the Masterplug Surge Protected 1A USB and Mains Charger for the lot.a great bit of kit.
very useful if you want to charge 2 things at the same time
Items arrived very quick, my grandchildren charge their samssung tablets, and I findbit very useful
No more sharing a USB Charger
Good product I can charge two USB devices simultainously and still have a laptop plugged in.Great device at a good price, cannot believe how quickly it arrives , ordered one evening and it arrived next day, great service.
How shopping should be.
Marvellous experience, first class item and first class service, fast delivery too. What more could you ask for, so good my daughter ordered one when she saw it.
Holiday essential
I bought the item for taking on holiday as we have a few gadgets to keep charged and the unit cuts down the amount of plugs we have to carry. Also very often sockets are scarce in hotels so we only need halve the number.
excellent service
I ordered before 1900 and it arrived next day.Excellent service.
The device is in use freeing up plugs any still enabling me to charge two devices.
Neat and east to use
Good design well made and great value.Ultra fast delivery.
Save the clutter
Very useful 7 spacesaving, and ideal travel companion
Excellent piecde of kit
Fantastic idea as I can charge my iphone and iPad at the same time with the knowledge that both of these items are protected from a power surge.
Masterplug Surge Protected 1A USB and Mains Charger
Everything I've ever bought from MobileFun has been extremely functional and this is no exception. I bought both the black & white version, one for me & one for my daughter.
It allows us to charge our iPads & iPhones simultaneously whilst still having access to the 13 amp socket for other purposes.
So very simple but the concept is a stroke of genius.
The best gadget I've ever bought from Mobilefun.
And I swear hands-down, if you buy it you'll think the same.
It will charge my smartphone and give full charging to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" (which if you've got one, you'll know how crappy the supplied charger is...).
I also, just for fun, plug a standard USB plug into it so that I can charge 3 devices (my Bluetooth Avantree headphones being the third).
It handles all the power with no dip in charge times. And it's surge protected. And, as has been stated, makes a very nifty night light! Yes, they are that bright.
The best gadget ever? When you take it on holiday with you, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. The epitome of a gadget.
Buy one now.
Handy little tool
Handy little tool. All leads in one place and protected against our erratic electricity. Service AAAAA as usual. Thank you for all your help.
Simple but very effective
This charger plug works well and does exactly what it says on the tin, or box ! Two USB ports allow wide range of device connections and, cleverly, there's a third traditional three pin plug socket for your laptop charger. The plug doesn't get hot as is the case with cheaper models and the surge protection is a welcome feature. The indicator lights are a cool blue and white, which as an Evertonian I'm good with !! I suspect charging is a bit slower than the bespoke Apple charger units but given that most of the charging happens overnight its really no problem. Thoroughly recommend this plug charger, I bought three.
Perfect solution
Not sure I needed this before. But now I can't do without it and its a surge protector.
Good idea
This is a great little gadjet as I can charge 2 ipads and a iphone from the same socket only down side is if you use at night it lights up like a disco so you have to put something in front of the lights.
It's a night light
So i got 2 of these to replace the standard apple/samsung usb adapters that hog a whole plug socket - never thought about it before but that's a socket that delivers 240 volts now delivering 5 volts. Can't Apple or Samsung at least put 2 USB outputs on their adaptors? like i said, never thought about it before but since buying this adaptor, it now makes me mad. That's slight dramatic but anyway, not only does it have 2 usb sockets, it let's you plug a normal plug right in on top of it. Genius!! (relative to standard USB adaptors of course - it's not that clever). If that's not enough - it makes an awesome night light with those 2 little bright power circles. So, sure it could be better, there could be 3 or even 4 USB sockets but really, when do you stop wishing for more USB sockets? So that's my review - i'm off to deal with other pressing 1st world problems.
Handy little gadget
handy USB adapter where there is a shortage of plugs well made and robust feels like a Quality item
Fab bit of kit wen u have 1 plug.
Don't know how I did with out it.
Great product
This device allows you to charge two gadgets via USB's, I use for an iPhone and iPad, whilst retaining the ability to use a 3 pin 13 amp plug. It does what is expected of it without any difficulty. Seems well made and robust
Convenient and Quite Powerful
I purchased this for charging an iPhone 4 and my iPad 2 and am pleased to say it can manage both at once. It also provides a standard mains socket and, despite this, it is not too bulky, although the increased depth with a mains plug inserted would have to be taken into account if space was at a premium. It has 2 blue LEDs on it which are quite bright in a darkened bedroom at night but I'm sure this would not prove insurmountable if found distracting. Overall, I'm impressed.
Ideal charger.
I used the masterplug for charging my Samsung tablet and phone.
Excellent product
Good looking, slim and well made and I can charge my laptop, ipad and ipod in the same time with one plug.
Highly recomended
Lets face it,everything seems to have a usb cable,so this is ideal.Go on,you know you want one.
Excellent Spave aver
Just what I was looking for, with the amount of electronic goods needing a power source, the 2 USB outlets allows the reduction of the number of plugs needed and a bonus with surge protection. Allowed me gain back 2 plug sockets.
Brilliant purchase
I bought three of these and they are brilliant. With a house full of iPhones, iPods, iPads and kindles we were running out of sockets to charge with. This frees up the socket whilst being able to charge two devices at the same time. Would definitely recommend.
does the job great
does the job great
Handy charger
I am so pleased with my new double charger and it is going to be great for taking on holiday!
Good but
Great item and does what it says it does. But one thing lets it down. If your charging an iphone5 you will find that the screen is unresponsive if you try to use the phone during charging! But just for charging its fine. Oh and the built in power indicator light illuminates the whole room so no need to buy a night light.
Fantastic product
This is a must have product for anyone who has more than 1 gadget which charges using USB port. I have connected my iPad, mobile phone and my electricity tracking meter. This does away with having several big plugs in one adapter or socket. Fabulous!!,
Useful Multi Purpose Charging Solution.
Excellent Mobile Fun service as usual,ordered yesterday arrived this morning.
Appears to look a bit bulkier than the pictures but very lightweight.
Tried charging Ipad 2 and Iphone5 at the same time as well as powering up a laptop,no problem, Ipad2 2 and Galaxy S3 again no problem ticks the boxes for me.Also has Masterplug lifetime guarantee protecting your equipment from power surges.Worth the money.If you're hesitating then dont,they wont last long at this price.

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