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Martin Fields Screen Protector - HTC Desire

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The ultimate screen protector with best scratch resistance, durability and enhanced clarity.

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Pip Bensley
12th January 2012
Definitely Recommended
Our office have just had new HTC desires and we were instructed to get screen protectors. I saw how poor other peoples cheap ones were with edges not sticking etc. I decided to read all the reviews. This protector is expensive - no getting away from it BUT it really does do exactly what it says. You wouldn't know my phone had a protectro on it, it was so simple to put on, I have no bubbles without any complicated technique to do it. I am so impressed, the screen feels just the same as before. I would definitely buy this again although I get the feeling that it will really last well. Overall, very highly recommended, give it a go!

7th June 2010
Well i was a bit sceptical as this was my 3rd attempt at buying a screen protector for my desire. I went through both the invisible shield (full body) which was an absolute nightmare and HTCs own which didnt even fit the screen (you would think they know the size of their own screen!). Whats more both attracted so much dust it was untrue! Then I was recommended this by Rob in MobileFun's sales dept. I was expecting to use the credit card to smooth out the bubbles etc etc etc... But this one just dropped on, no dust, no bubbles just ease!! It doesnt cover 100% of the screen, but it coveres at least 98% of it which is more than enough. With regards to look and feel, you wouldnt know it was there! its a bit tacky to begin with, but once the newness wears off in the first day or two its back to its smooth self! plus you dont get discolouration of the screen in sunlight! Thumbs up guys n gals! both to the product and mobilefun for delivering great service yet again! M

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An indispensable accessory for those that want to keep their devices screen in pristine condition. Protect your mobile device's expensive and fragile screen from damage and scratches.

Scratch Resistance:
Impact damage from keys, coins & pens can damage fragile LCD screens and cause premature display failure. Martin Fields patented scratch resistant coating protects from daily damage, whilst providing exceptional durability even during extended use.

Exceptionally clear, designed to allow maximum light transmittance, whilst reducing monochromatic abnormalities, giving enhanced colour reproducibility and image sharpness. Polarised anti-glare coating helps to reduce eye strain when using Martin Fields Screen Protectors. Other screen protectors use diffused reflection to reduce glare, resulting in lower colour reproduction and dull monochromatic coloration.

Tactile Feel:
Improved textured finish on all Martin Fields Screen Protectors makes them perfect for using with stylus based devices. Papered texture provides increased friction when using a stylus, to enable the stylus to be more accurate and prevent slipping.

Crystal Clear Super Thin UV light protection High scratch resistant surface Mild adhesive used Reusable Washable


  • The UV filters reduce the strain on your eyes by blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays radiated from LCD screens.
  • Protects the LCD screen from premature degradation as a result of strong sunlight.
  • High scratch resistance.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Removable, durable, reusable and washable.


Main DisplayCamera Lens

>Press Reviews

"Well, I must say, the Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector certainly lived up to my expectations! After applying the protector and using it I found my screen to be very bright, smooth against the stylus, and resistant to any type of scratch or mark. What more can you ask of a screen protector? Nothing, really. I've found my new favourite screen protector and I think most users will find the same thing in the Martin Shields Overlay Plus."
— Devin Henderson,, February 2004

Geekzone " The protectors are washable and reusable, and you can't see the plastic after it's applied. It helps reduce glare too.
To test the screen after applying the protector, I tried three different styluses. I have an old (but hard to beat) Cross DigitalWriter (I'm pretty sure they don't sell these anymore), a Cross MicroPen (which is a perfect fit for some Palm devices) and the HP iPAQ h4150 original stylus. The feel on the screen is good, without any scratch sensation when writing. It feels like a brand new screen actually. The stylus glides over the surface, and recognition remains accurate."
M Freitas, Geekzone


"It wasn't until I actually installed an Overlay on my Tapwave Zodiac that I realized that this is the clearest adhesive protector I have ever used. When I say clear, I mean crystal. There is no hint of even the slightest glare-reducing frost effect that I have grown used to with other long-lasting adhesive protectors. There is no "paper feel" texture to add opacity to the protector. In fact, the best way to describe a properly installed Martin Fields Overlay is like this: brand new screen. Seriously."
— Judie Hughes, Gadgeteer, January 2004

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