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Martin Fields Screen Protector - BlackBerry Z10 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ultimate screen protector with scratch resistance, durability and enhanced clarity for the BlackBerry Z10.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38596

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 4.8 stars from 5 customers

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deserves every penny
when received it I had no clue how to stick it on and I have tried to do my best. obviously I put it wrong... 4 times. lints from the clothes were on it. I thought is ruined. had the idea to wash it with water. after washed with water a few times and leave it to dry, eventually I managed to stick it on the right position in the right way. even is not a cheap screen protector still makes all money!!!
Wonderful product!
I don't have a good track record with screen savers, I normally get bubbles etc... and end up throwing them in the bin. With this screen saver I was able to have as many goes as I like peeling it on and off until I got it perfectly lined up and no bubbles, it is fantastic! My screen looks faultless now, you would not even know that it is on there & the fingerprints are minimal. Excellent product, worth the extra money!
Complete Clarity
This is an excellent screen protector. I have had touchscreen phones for years now, and always use a screen protector as I don't like a scratched screen. This Martin Fields protector is easily the most expensive such item I have ever bought,bu
Saved me !
Just ordered my second protector. Why? i pulled Z10 out of pocket , it slipped from my hand went up in the air for yards and landed faces down with a sickening crash on a rough stone floor. When i picked it up i was horrified to see my perfectly applied screen protector now pitted in several areas where the screen had touched the floor. I peeled it of expecting to find several screen fractures... but voila... totally unmarked... hence the 5 stars
The best i found out there
this product was not available when i got my z10 so i took the opportunity of trying out several alternatives (all cheaper). They all worked and provided protection but i came back to this product . Why?... because it is significantly clearer, more smudge resistant and has a better feel that all the others i tried. None of these products are particularly easy to apply but this has the advantage of giving you several tries to get it right without ruining the actual protector. My application tip would be line it up and apply from side to side and not top to bottom. keep a piece of sellotape handy in case of dust specs. In my opinion this is the best screen protector available

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