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Man&Wood iPhone 6S / 6 Wooden Case - Sai Sai Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A beautiful genuine wood case for your iPhone 6S / 6. Selected premium woods from sustainable sources are crafted into a form-fitting case for your phone that is as stunning as it is protective.
Sai Sai.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48604
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 31 customers

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Beautyfull cover made of wood
Perfect finish touch of the cover on the rounding/ transition between the wood and plastic.

The cover looks super!

The contact with mobilefun about some questions where 5*.
Looks so good
This case looks awesome, took a while to arrive but well worth the wait. It is definitely 100% real wood unlike lots I have bought before. Super stoked!
Excellent case
Beautifully crafted and lovely feel.
A great case and perfect fit
You can't really go wrong with this Man and Wood phone case, it's a perfect fit for my iphone 6s, it's slim and not at all bulky and very good quality. I've had quite a few compliments about it too.
Well done Mobile Fun, great service as well.
High quality slimline and tactile wooden case
High quality slimline and tactile wooden case for iPhone 6s. Fits extremely well and feels/looks amazing. Does justice to the phone. Very pleased. Seems well made and I expect it to last, and provides enough grip but not too much bull, so I do not feel the phone will slip from my hands, nor does it take up too much space in the pockets.
Got wood?
I like walking around with wood in my pants.
Super fast!!
You get for what you pay!! Super fast delivery.
Looks great, fits great
Very nice case, very good fit. Feels very nice, although it's still a little slippery which is a real shame.
Great case, slow restock but amazing customer service
The product itself is great. It's Sturdy and looks great. I thought it would be more wooden as in a block of wood however that was just wishful thinking. When I brought this product it was out of stock. It did take a while for them to get it in stock but at every turn they asked if I wanted to change my order to a other product and that be sent. I wanted this product and glad I waited. I would buy from this site again.
Nature in your pocket
I googled real wood phone cases and this was top of the list. Seemed like a reasonable price and once delivered I am more than happy with the product. I love the feel of the real veneer on the phone and am now a self admitted phone case stroker. It is like carrying a small bit of nature with you everyday which is a nice thing.
very tactile and non slippy
this is a great case it looks very classy and doesn't add any bulk to the phone at all it makes the phone look very cool with the lovely wood finish and it also makes the phone a lot less slippy overall this is an excellent case to protect what is a very expensive handset for a great value price
Love it !
Best case i've ever used that actually looks good, It's not going to be protect my phone from a face drop, but none can, it looks great and still holds the feel and shape i love about the 6. Protects the camera like most other decent cases.
What a phone case!
I needed to take my time in finding the right case for my iPhone and mobile fun alway deliver great quality items
I've had this case for a few weeks now and it looks so good on. It feels so nice to hold and fit so well you barely notice it' on your phone I made the right choice.
this case sits so nicely against the phone which means the true slimness of the phone is not compromised by having the case on. The wood has a lovely texture which makes it a pleasure to hold and less likely to slip out of your hand like some of the plastic feel cases make it. Great case! Would definitely recommend
Man & wood case
It's a great product. Actual the Web sites told what I needed to know before I bought the product. It was clear. Love the product and was what I expected. Thank you.
Excellent value for money
Having had a good look around a major shopping centre for a new case for my iPhone 6 I found that they were either poor quality or overpriced for the quality of product. At mobile fun, I found a good quality product at a sensible price. I was delighted with the case - fits beautifully, looks good - even my teenage son was envious. It is real wood and polished up really nicely. As they say - it does what it says on the tin.
Man and wood
I got everything I need.
Superb and attractive protection
The Man&Wood iPhone 6 Wooden case provides a natural appearance for the 'phone in addition to providing some protection in case the 'phone is dropped. I have found that it is very useful to have the protection this case to cover the slightly protuding camera lense on the iPhone 6. The cae is a well designed, much appreciated, and exclusive asset to the new iPhone 6 mobile telephone.

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