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Magnetic Charging Cable to Micro USB Adapter Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Use your existing Micro USB charger to keep your Sony device fully charged with this simple magnetic charging cable to Micro USB Adapter.
  • Mobile Fun ID 46727

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 4 stars from 8 customers

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Really good for my phone
This cable is really good for my Sony phone as I don't have to remove the flap every time I want to charge my phone. The charging terminals stick out a bit which is great because it fits with my phone case. Just a few things: it's not gold, it's silver (luckily I prefer silver); the light is always green and never changes; it's a bit tricky to put on the phone but once it's on it's okay (as long as you don't knock it off); and finally, if you are charging your phone with this and accidentally bump it off it will refresh the page, this happens for my web browser and all apps, which is kinda annoying -.- so yeah, don't bump the charger off when using the phone whilst charging. Other than that, it's a great product.
Excellent product fixes to phone quick
Excellent product fixes to phone quick and easy to use I liked it so much I've just ordered another one
very good
looks good quality, strong magnetic connection,
Works; bit fiddly
This does connect to the phone and charge it, but getting it in the right place is a bit of a pain.

The magnet is not that strong, and it doesn't cleanly lock to the body very well. The weight of the adapter is enough to make it slant away, even without a USB cable attached. However it does seem to charge even on the wonk.

It's handy and it works for charging where you can leave the phone on a flat surface where it won't be moved, but it's not perfect.
sony z3
Works great.
Fits, charges, works, arrived in tact and thank goodness. Got so sick of undoing the USB cover tab on the Xperia, and I like this charging port better than a USB one because it feels less likely to break something putting it in but also if it gets flung off by a pet while charging. :/

Happy customer.

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