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Macally USB-C Multiport 4K HDMI Adapter

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Product Reference: 62181

The USB-C Multiport HDMI Adapter from Macally is the ultimate in convenience and utility. Connect an external TV or monitor to your USB-C MacBook or laptop with a 4K-compatible HDMI slot, and connect USB devices with standard USB and USB-C ports.


Why Buy?

  • Multi-purpose hub for USB-C compatible computers
  • USB 3.0 for 5Gbps high speed file transfers
  • Built-in USB-C port
  • 4K-compatible HDMI port for displaying media
  • Built-in LED indicator
  • Compact and light, perfect for portability
  • Reversible USB-C connection


Multi-purpose hub for USB-C compatible computers

Transform your USB-C port into a multi-purpose hub with the Macally USB-C Multiport Adapter. With just one connection, you can add a standard USB 3.0 port for charging and syncing virtually any smartphone, a USB-C port so your original slot isn't wasted, and even an HDMI connection for playing media on a bigger monitor or TV.

Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter - WhiteMoshi USB-C Multiport Adapter - White

USB 3.1 for 5Gbps high speed file transfers

Backup your photos, videos and files at lightning speed with the Macally Multiport Adapter's standard USB 3.0 port, which allows for data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. Using this port, you can connect any standard USB device including hard drives, charging cables and USB sticks.

Built-in USB-C port

Connecting the Macally USB-C Multiport Adapter doesn't even have to mean losing the USB-C port on your laptop, since the adapter comes with a built-in USB-C slot of its own for connecting all your original USB-C compatible peripherals. If your laptop supports USB-C charging (as MacBook does), you can even use this USB-C port to charge your laptop with the adapter's built-in power pass-through.

4K-compatible HDMI port for displaying media

The Macally USB-C Multiport Adapter even features an HDMI port, so you can connect your laptop to your TV and watch YouTube videos, stream Netflix or Amazon Prime or surf the web.

If your display - whether a TV, monitor or projector - supports 4K, you can take advantage of this technology with the Macally Adapter as 4K HDMI is fully supported. This means you can mirror your display onto your beautiful, pin-sharp TV - perfect for gaming, media viewing or even just appreciating your wallpaper!

Built-in LED indicator

A smart LED indicator built in to the adapter keeps you informed on the charging status of your computer, even when closed.

Compact and light, perfect for portability

Due to its small and lightweight design, the Macally USB-C Multiport Adapter is the ideal companion for your USB-C compatible computer. Whether you're going on holiday, travelling on business or just visiting friends, this adapter is compact enough to fit into a pocket or compartment on a bag or rucksack - you'll never need to be without extra functionality for your laptop again.

Reversible USB-C connection

Unlike earlier standards of USB connections, the USB-C connector is fully reversible and so can be inserted into a USB-C compatible computer with ease.

Key Details

  • Colour: White
  • Part No: UCHDMI4K

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