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LuMee iPhone 5S / 5 Selfie Light Case - White

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When a professional photographer decided he wanted to change low light smartphone photography for the better, this was the result. The ingenious LuMee case in white for iPhone 5S / 5 makes sure the fun doesn't end with the sun.

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iPhone 5
20th January 2017
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Why Buy?

  • The fun shouldn't stop when the sun goes down
  • Take better low light selfies
  • Variable dimmer - get the right amount of light
  • Tough plastic casing protects against shocks and drops
  • Rechargeable battery and charger


 LuMee iPhone 5S / 5 Selfie Light Case - White
 LuMee iPhone 5S / 5 Selfie Light Case - White

The fun shouldn't stop when the sun goes down

Invented by a professional photographer after being frustrated with seeing poorly lit faces of friends and family on video calls and imagery, the LuMee iPhone 5S / 5 case lights up a user's face with the simple push of a button. When the case is lit, the light fills in the shadows, enhancing the photo and making the subject bright and 'picture perfect'. LuMee also provides perfect lighting for video chatting, even in the dark! The better the quality of light, the more information your camera lens can capture and so the better quality images you can take in low light situations. With a series of powerful lights around the frame of your phone, your front facing camera has the all the light it needs to capture great selfies and photos, even when there is little available otherwise. 

Today everyone wants to be seen in their best light, and LuMee makes it happen. This brilliant front-lit smartphone case is changing the way people shoot and share social media. It's your time to shine with LuMee.

 LuMee iPhone 5S / 5 Selfie Light Case - White

Take better low light selfies

Selfies. Lets face it, for many people they're the medium for documenting ones life. The visual diary, the snapshots and memories digitally captured forever. Do you want yours blurred, washed out, dark and full of red eyes and startled faces after a flash? Would even use your front facing camera at night? Probably not. Well now you can and whether you're at the nightclub with friends, on holiday by the pool of campfire in the evening or catching a quick selfie opportunity at a famous spot, your selfies will never be the same again. When LuMee bathes the subject matter - namely you and your friends, you will always feature most prominently. Never again will dark foreground and background light mask your faces, or leave you scratching your head as to who that is next to you. From now on your selfies will be exactly as you would want them to be and you won't have to apologies on social media for their quality. Crisp sharp imagery and balanced lighting is the order of the day. After dark is when you and LuMee really shine. At clubs or concerts, and restaurants or rooftop parties, you can take brighter selfies. Light up the night right with LuMee!

 LuMee iPhone 5S / 5 Selfie Light Case - White

Where's my...

LuMee shines bright everyday. From lighter, sharper and better quality selfies, putting in FaceTime or putting on makeup, LuMee is there for you. But one obvious practical use you may want to consider is using LuMee to find things in the dark. Or using it as a torch if you like. Is the remote underneath the sofa? Did you just drop your keys there? Need to read something in the dark? LuMee isn't just for great smartphone photography, it might just be a guardian angel too!

 LuMee iPhone 5S / 5 Selfie Light Case - White

Variable dimmer - get the right amount of light

Of course, you won't always need the same amount of light for every situation. Find the right amount of light in any situation with the built in variable dimmer control. Once you have turned on the light, simply hold down the on/off button to achieve the perfect light for your surroundings.

 LuMee iPhone 5S / 5 Selfie Light Case - White

Tough plastic casing protects against shocks and drops

Yes, the light up frame is the main selling point here but the LuMee is, of course, a case and a case must protect the phone. Rest assured then that your iPhone 5S / 5 is well protected in a tough a durable plastic casing that will take all the everday wear and tear you can throw at it plus some drop protection too and will withstand drops from waist level without any damages. We've got you covered!

 LuMee iPhone 5S / 5 Selfie Light Case - White

Rechargeable battery and charger

Don't worry, you won't drain your iPhone's battery because, in actual fact, the power does not even come from your phone's battery but instead has it's own power supply! Regardless of your phone's battery, your LuMee will always shine bright. The case will stay lit at the lowest brightness for about 36 hours.

 LuMee iPhone 5S / 5 Selfie Light Case - White

Key Details

  • Colour: White
  • Part No: IPSE-W

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