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LifeProof Nuud Case for iPhone 5S - White / Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Experience the freedom to surf, sing in the shower, ski, snowboard, work on construction sites and have true Apple iPhone 5S use anywhere you go!
  • Mobile Fun ID 42481

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 4.9 stars from 12 customers

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The best case ever
This case looks smart in public and does very well under water as long as you do the 30 minute test before useing it. Your iPhone and case will then become waterproof. I used this case when I went on holiday last year and used it whilst I was surfing so if you want a good strong case this is the one for you
Lifeproof Nuud case iPhone 5
I purchased the Lifeproof nuud case for my iPhone 5 which I am extremely happy with. It is a very slick case and been able to use the screen without a cover is super as I had the lifeproof fré case before which was good but the case distorted and wore out after 2 years as the plastic front cover pulled away from the case. I'd highly recommend the nuud case
Good phone case for underwater
I bought this item for a holiday to Mexico as I knew I'd be doing some snorkelling. Although the home button didn't really function underwater and I had be above water to use the screen, so instead I used the volume buttons. Took really good photos and kept the phone completely dry.
Lifeproof nuud 5s
Received this case this week.. Great response to my order from mobile fun..
Case is absolutely brilliant. Lightweight Doesn't add much size. Easy to install and take off. Touch ID works perfectly with no problems at all. Sound quality and camera quality not affected at all when case is on
Definitely recommend
Worth every penny. Take the time to fit properly.
The cover comes with a dummy iPhone to test the waterproofness of the case, make sure you try this first & don't rush it. I fitted the case to the dummy product and it leaked water badly. Luckily as it was a dummy piece I was able to find it was fitted wrong by me. I refitted the dummy phone in again carefully & the result was a fully waterproof phone case. Put my real phone in & cautiously tested it, fully waterproof. Fantastic case, worth every penny.
Worth every penny
I saw this case in the Apple shop but they only had it in black. Mobile fun did this white and grey one, cheaper and delivered super quick. I am a total clutz and had a Griffin case before, but was irritated by the rubber case which was difficult to get in my pocket. This case is perfect. It is expensive but a lot cheaper than a new handset ( lesson learnt by past experience). I have tested it and it is totally waterproof, good for when I cycle. It is lightweight and attractive. You can still use the thumb print and touchscreen. The adapter for the headphones is great. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone
Fit for purpose
Does exactly what it says on box, I tested it with and without the iPhone inside and it is 100% waterproof. The provided screen protector is not that good so I used an Invisible Shield from Zagg which I cut to size as I thought better safe than sorry even though LifeProof state this is only optional/additional protection. I found some issues with the finger print recognition as the case very slightly obscures the print which can make several attempts necessary each time but after a bit of trial and error I now use my little finger print which has resolved this as there is a smaller area to cover
Does the job when needed!
The Nuud case for iPhone 5S does exactly what it says in the slimmest possible way. The touch ID works as if there's no case at all.
The only downside is that the housing makes the iPhone a bit taller and therefore some users might find it difficult to reach the top of the screen or when scrubbing video in landscape mode - that's related to left handed users.
Also the audio cable, better buy a spare to keep it in your car or office if you're into listening to iTunes etc.
Lifeproof Nuud for 5S (grey/white)
Excellent product. Have had the case for 2weeks. So to go straight to what I feel are the problems with it.
The back is smooth, tends to slide a bit.
The mute button is a lil irritating to operate.
touch ID needs 2 tries sometimes.
The fingerprint screen seems a lil delicate.
You have to carry the extra earplug jack to fix ure ear phones. When playing music sound seems slightly muffled.
Apart from these (will put up better review after some use), this seems a brilliant case. Tough, waterproof, light and not bulky(compared to other such cases of course), and the transparent back is a super idea(shows off ure gold case well, though it seems scratchable if used as this case is meant to b used).
Another prob is the screen protector included.. Isn't as good as others u can get, the phone is fine without too..
U can use other screen protector, waterproofing is in doubt though. No prob for light spills, and actually throwing ure phone around.
Or cut out a screen protector using the one included as template, and it should be fine...
This case is excellent. Worth the cost. 5 stars absolutely.
brilliant protective case
i have looked for weeks for a good case where i can use the finger print scanner and i found this lifeproof nuud. the best thing is that it doesnt have a screen protector which restricts motion. It also doesnt make the phone too bulky either which is also a good thing.

i would highly pick this case over all the others

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