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LifeProof Nuud Case for iPhone 5 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Make your phone waterproof and experience the freedom to surf, sing in the shower, ski, snowboard, work on construction sites and have true Apple iPhone 5 use anywhere you go - in white!
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 5 stars from 3 customers

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Great Case!
Bought this case 9 months ago as I work as an outdoor instructor and needed a decent case that would protect my phone - have ruined 3 iPhones in the past due to water and drop damage!! Many of the protective cases are bulky and you struggle to get them out of your pocket. This case is slim yet gives great protection and keeps my iPhone in prestige condition. Having no cover over the screen gives a great feel and super response. Had a slight problem with part of the case after 8 months but Mobilefun replaced it without any hassle. Fully recommend the case and the company. If you want a real protective case that's slim and still good looking then this is the one for you!!
Superb item. I was a bit concerned on being able to hear calls as I'd had problems with other cases before. Not with this one! Less bulky, certainly drop proof but yet to be tested on waterproof ability. I use my phone on building sites and in meetings, out on the push bike and whilst shooting. No issues in any circumstance and will probably be purchasing for others in the household! The charger cover can be a little fiddly to open but I'd be concerned if it wasn't I suppose!
Nuud and Improved!
I bought a standard LifeProof case for my iPhone 5 over a year ago, when waterproof cases weren't as common on the market and I have been really pleased with it. I do a lot of kayaking, so I wanted a case that was waterproof (for obvious reasons!), but also good for underwater photography and the standard LifeProof case has performed brilliantly and ticked all those boxes.... So why buy a new Nuud case?... I hear you ask!... well, if truth be told... I didn't need to!... but I was keen to see what the new Nuud design had to offer.
In my opinion, the standard LifeProof case has two drawbacks for 'everyday life' usage, when you are not leaping about in water and are simply sitting at your desk at work or lounging on the sofa!... and they are the plastic screen casing and the headphones port.
The Nuud case is designed so that the plastic covering has been removed and a tight seal to the screen face enables finger to screen contact, which does definitely improve usage, with no double swipes necessary if you hadn't quite pressed firmly enough for the plastic cover version.
The headphones port on the Nuud is also an improvement, as it now has the original screw-in cap permanently secured to short arm on the case... which, if you use headphones as often as I do, certainly cuts down on the "where the hell did I put that cap?!" moments!

All in all... I would recommend BOTH LifeProof cases... if you are an avid watersports fanatic that plans on having the phone UNDERWATER for long lengths of time... then I would choose the original LifeProof case... you will never have a worry with an entirely enclosed case for water ingress.
BUT, if like most people, you don't spend all day at the beach and in the sea... the LifeProof Nuud would be my preferred choice, as it ticks the waterproof boxes, but the everyday usage is much improved.

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