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Leather Flip Case for Google Nexus 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Google Nexus 4 protected from damage and looking fantastic with this executive premium leather flip case for Google Nexus 4 in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37476

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 4.2 stars from 17 customers

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The item is great
the items were great I"m sorry it took so long to get here,after payment,
Well priced, good quality
I needed a new case for my Nexus 4 phone. These are hard to get as it's now an "old" phone. The price was very reasonable, and the quality is good. It was despatched quickly. Any my phone is safe again.
It's always a little disconcerting using a new online supplier. But, based on my experience, I'll use MobileZap again.
Nexus 4 case
This is a very nifty little case, well constructed and sturdy, the fold down flip works very well as a stand and holds the phone up quite well.

The back has a good solid feel to it, nothing flimsy and for the price is an excellent investment to protect your phone.
nexus 4 Flip Case
Fantastic product. Phone held very securely with side clips. Looks good & protects phone well.
Worth it
Leather Flip case for Nexus 4 works perfectly. It is well made and fits well. The price is a little high,if you add postage, but I feel it is worth it.
Flip Case for Nexus 4
This case is made of quality material and of good workmanship. It fits the phone like a glove while not interfering with any of the essential functions. The flip clip is tight but easy to unclip to receive calls. Good product for the money. Merchandise arrived ahead of my expectation. Highly recommended.
Good quality, good value, but different from the photos on MobileFun website!
I ordered this case a week ago, and received it two days after ordering, so delivery service was very good. The price was also very reasonable.

The case seems to protect my Nexus 4 well. Both the front and back are slightly padded. The clip which holds the flip cover closed seems just rigid enough to hold it firmly, without making it difficult to open. I like the fact that the front flip hinges off the bottom edge, so that it hangs below the phone when open rather than flipping behind the screen and obscuring the camera. I also like the fact that the clip is on the part of this front flip which hangs down, so again it doesn't obscure any of the screen.

My only negative comment is that the parts of the case which grip the Nexus 4 are DIFFERENT to the design shown in the photos on the MobileFun website. The photos on the website show it gripping the Nexus 4 on the 4 corners, whereas the case which I received grips it along quite a long section of the two long edges, plus there is a kind of lip on the bottom edge to hold it in place. This means that the corners are probably not quite as well protected as you might imagine. However, the grip seems to be very firm.

The other related issue is that the sections of the case which grip this smartphone wrap around the front of the phone slightly, but there is no corresponding cutout area in the front flip. So in those areas, the front flip cannot fit flush against the screen, because it is prevented from doing so by the grip sections, and this makes the case a bit fatter than it would need to be. If anybody from MobileFun is reading this review, you should suggest to your supplier that they create small indents or cutouts in the profile of the flip in the areas where the sides of the case grip the phone, as this would make it thinner and more elegant.

But despite the negative points made above, I would still give it 4 out of 5. If they take on board my suggestion to create cutouts in the outer profile of the flip where the case grips the phone, I would not hesitate to give it 5 out of 5.
Happy with the product. Delivery to slow even when send from Sydney to Sydney address.
Exactly What I Wanted
Thought I was taking a slight risk when ordering this phone cover as there were no reviews to go on beforehand but I thought that the product matched what I was looking for from the pictures alone. Thankfully I can say that this flip case has matched my expectations and I am very happy to be using it.

I was looking for a case that would provide protection whilst in my pocket and hopefully go some way towards protecting from falls. It definitely protects against scratches (though I've put a screen protector on just in case), and while I haven't dropped the phone yet, I feel this cover does offer good protection along the sides, although I wouldn't be as confident about the corners.

The case allows for easy access to all the important features of the phone, namely the power and volume buttons, the micro USB slot, both microphones (top & bottom), the headphone jack, as well as the speaker and camera lens/LED flash. It can sometimes be slightly more difficult to press on-screen buttons on the extreme right of the phone due to the phone clipping in to the case, but only intermittently. Most cases provide this problem and I would see it as being minor overall - the case does not actually block any of the screen itself.

The case fits well and it is easy to take the phone out of the case if needs be (I take it out occasionally if any dust gets on the camera lens). The case has a rigid clip (no magnets) on the flip part of the case that seems secure when closed. I have confidence in the quality of the build that it won't become dilapidated any time soon.

Overall a good looking case that suits my needs exactly. Definite positives are its elegant look and the protection it provides in your pocket, as well as ease of access to all parts of the phone, including the entire screen. While I am not entirely sure about fall protection, it will undoubtedly provide some protection, especially on the sides.

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