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Krusell DONSö Leather Pouch for Google Nexus S - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This Slim minimalistic pouch will work wonders to protect you phone in strictly-boardroom-design made for the Google Nexus S.
  • Mobile Fun ID 27284

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 3 stars from 4 customers

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Good Quality
The Google Nexus S was very new when I bought this so there was very little choice about for cases specific for this phone. It arrived promptly and the quality befits the price. Its well made and is nice to handle.

The case fits the phone snuggly as you would want. My only query would be that the phone sits proud of the case for about 3-4 mm at the open end. I would have thought that it fit the whole way in as there is a chance for damage to the bottom of the phone.
Not good for the Nexus S
This case may be OK for some phones but I don't recommend it for the Nexus one.

Because of the design the top of the phone sits proud of the case - possibly too proud - where it is liable to be damaged.

The case is also tight which makes it difficult to get the Nexus out and means you end up turning it on because you have to grip the on button tightly.
Well made - tight fit
The Krusell Leather Pouch for the Google Nexus S is very well made, nice quality leather and the stitching looks great. Like most leather cases the Krusell is a very tight fit at first but is easier with use. The Nexus S is thickest at the base so pushing the phone in "base first" makes it quite hard to remove from the case. Push it in "top first" and the pouch is purfect.
This is NOT for Nexus S
Or the seller hasn't seen the Nexus S at all and is testing their product on the customers, which is annoying to say at least.

The phone sticks out 3mm beyond the top of the pouch and it doesn't protect it at all in the event of a fall or if you have other hard objects in the pocket.

Will return and won't buy from them again.

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