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kLAMP USB Rechargeable Multifunctional Reading Torch Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The kLamp LED Light is a multi-functional clip on torch which can be fixed to eReaders, books and laptops to make reading a typing easier in the dark. Furthermore, it can be charged via its built-in USB port.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37874
$12.96 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 18 customers

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Best one I have tried
The light arrived very quickly and once charged via USB is working well and is the best book light I have tried.
The order was well executed and delivered in time.
A great marital aid!
My wife needed a device to read her kindle in bed without disturbing me and this fits the bill perfectly. A very good piece of kit.
E Reader Light
I am very pleased with my new e reader light.

it clips to anything and works perfect.
Can read OK with it but the illumination would be enhanced greatly if a diffuser was used over the LED's to even out the light.
Poor battery life.
I bought this for my wife to use on her Kindle. It does the job but has a very short battery life. In fact it has spent more time on charge than in use. Would not recommend this product. Maximum 1hour useage from a 24 hour charge.
Lighting up my life
LEDLight USB Rechargeable Multifunctional Rdg. Torch.

From the depths of Cornwall on a coach to the Big Apple of London overnight this device brightly lit my Kindle.
No shadows from an overhead light just clear bright light made reading easy and a pleasure. The person in the adjacent seat was not kept awake by an overhead light and I had it easy.
Haven't had to recharge it yet so I can't comment on this, but i can say that the clip to hold to my Kindle worked perfectly and directed the light directly on my book.
not realy suitable for a laptop
found this pruduct very poor in many ways, the beam do'es not have a very good span not wide enough to cover the keypad were ever it is positioned from above or to the side, when on the side it makes shadows on the keyboard, the strength of the beam is quite poor even when pluged into a USB socket. not a lasting battery life if clipped onto the top of the laptop, overall a very poor product
Bright light!
I use this gismo with my kindle and it is perfect for my sleepless nights where my husband is sound asleep and I do not want to disturb him with the table lamp! :) So far so good!
very useful
I bought this light to use with my kindle and find it very useful in a lot of ways because t is attached to the kindle yuou can continue reading anywhere you do not have to fiddle about trying to get light in the right place it is allways there for you and it is great that you can charge it up you do not have to mess about with small fidderly batteries i am an older person and have arthritis so that makes this gadget very useful to me very please with it and also the fact it arrived the day after i ordered it very pleased all round with the gadget and the service will definetly reccomend your company
Very practical little light
Easy to use, easy to charge, very versatile.
great product, comes in very useful, just as described, can't fault it!!
Great little light
I am really pleased with this light, it is bright and I never need batteries as I just plug it into a USB. It comes with two clips so is of use for both Kindle and paperbacks. I also intend to use it as a torch on holiday, I would really recommend it.
Nice & neat
I've found the LEDLight USB Rechargeable Multifunctional Reading Torch neat & really useful. It clips tightly onto the frame of the Kindle and gives a well-directed light onto the screen. It charges unobtrusively from any USB port. Nice & neat and well worth the money.
Brilliant Ledlight USB Reading Torch
Brilliant Ledlight USB Rechargeable Reading Torch Excellent Product! Works really well.
great item
i have received my item today, and to tell you the truth i was so very pleased to have bought it, it is realy great item, for it's price, and sbove all very fast shipping, keep it up, thanks.

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