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Kitsound Peruvian Audio Beanie - Cream Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Listen to your music whilst keeping your ears warm with this incredibly snug Peruvian style beanie with detailed embroidery concealing precisely tuned 40 mm drivers.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37407

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 5 stars from 3 customers

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Functional Yet Fun & Attractive
Not only is this beanie stylish & comfy it's easy to wear, keeps you warm & you can listen to your music without having to worry about headphones. The beanie (or as I would call it Earflap Hat) has 2 headphones, one inside each earflap, they are the disc shaped kind with a foam covering, in between the outer hat & the liner.You can adjust their position slightly, I had to as I have quite a small head for an adult. The cable comes out at the centre back of the hat, you connect this to a longer thicker cable then connect that to your music device. I found this long enough to hang down my back then bring it around to my pocket where I keep my Mp3.I have used this several times now & have had no problems at all,the connections are secure causing no loss in sound quality or volume.You can move your head around freely without being confined by the cable or the headphones moving. All in all it's the perfect way to wear a warm hat & listen to music.
Great Buy!
I love my Audio Beanie! It's very soft and comfortable, looks like an ordinary beanie, you wouldn't know it has inbuilt earphones. I like how I can just connect the cable when I want to listen to music. Very well priced, couldn't find them in any stores only for $50+ online. Fast postage, was so happy to have it arrive! Great quality!

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