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KitSound Dock Air Bluetooth Adaptor Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The KitSound Dock Air is a revolutionary product that allows you to convert your docking station into a wireless Bluetooth stereo for your phones, Smartphones and tablets.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37400
$38.90 inc VAT
 5 stars from 5 customers

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Kitsound Bluetooth Adaptor
This little bit of electronic wizardry does exactly what it says on the tin and converts a Bose ( in my case) Apple Dock into a Bluetooth enabled device which pairs with any Bluetooth music source eg iPhone, iPad etc.
It could not be easier to set up, all you do is take it out the package and put it onto the Bose apple connector and pair it with the music source and that's it. It took all of 20 seconds.
Sound quality and connection stability is flawless. Range is at least 15m, beyond that I don't know because I ran out of garden.
Delivery time was 3 days by post from order.
In short it is that rare thing - a bit of kit that meets and exceeds expectations.
If you want to convert your speaker dock to Bluetooth buy this one, it works.
Bluetooth adapter
Brilliant piece of kit! Cheaper ones do not work with Bose and sound quality was rubbish. This piece of kit is quality with capital Q . No setting up , everyone just logs their phone, enters 0000 in when wanting to play music, and Bingo -off you go. Works with my Android and my children's iPhones 4 and 5. Have bought 2 now and am recommending to my friends!
Exactly what I was looking for
Wow, what can I say, well impressed, so easy to use too! So impressed by this small device that Ive now told 435 people on FB..What an amazing product, play my music through my iphone an thought with getting a new phone id loose being able to do this But with the converter I can play music again via Bluetooth. Happy Days
Great Bluetooth device
I have a Bose docking station which works great with my iPhone but is to small for the iPad now I can watch films or hear music on the iPad plus have great sounds. Brilliant
I bought this only a few weeks ago, it's turned out to be a god send, I have a case on my iPhone and every time I might want to play music on any of my docking stations I had to keep removing it which wasnt easy , well not anymore , must be one of the best and most useful gadgets I've ever bought, it's small and compact so u can just pop it in your pocket, all good thanks!!!

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