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    Sorry, but KitSound BoomDock Docking Station for iPod / iPhone 4 / 3GS / 3Ghas been discontinued. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

KitSound BoomDock Docking Station for iPod / iPhone 4 / 3GS / 3G

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Product Reference: 26316

Dock your iPod / iPhone and let rip with the KitSound BoomDock.



Serious about sound? Love bass? The boomdock was forged in the darkness by twisted souls and bought into the light by KitSound.

Key Features:

Down firing low Q high resolution subwoofer

Turn off shake to shuffle on your iPhone or iPod and tear it up with the fat, tight bass which will be all over your house in super high resolution with this bad boy. It might only be 22W RMS but we are not talking cowboy watts here. You can feel the bass pumping in your chest

Aluminium HF Drivers

The cones allow for a dynamic range of up to 90dB. The metal construction means that you can crank it all the way to the top, without your ears filling with nasty distortion. 2 X 16W RMS may not sound a lot on paper but believe us, it is plenty in real life. 

Serious dB

MAD LOUD - the KitSound BoomDock will make your room shake while you dance. It is capable of producing sounds up to 110dB SPL (@1/2m), which is as loud as a nightclub (we do not recommend you expose yourself to this level of sound for the sake of your hearing though)

Real wood cabinet

No plastic here - this is a rock-solid production. We are using a top secret blend of MDF on the cabinet to give you a lovely seductive tone and an honest depth to your music.

Hand finished in the finest high gloss piano black

This speaker boasts 7 coats of piano black to give you a sleek shiny finish that gleams away smugly to itself.

Remote Control

This remote control allows you to fully control your iPod / iPhone from the remote alone. This will allow you cycle through Artists, Songs, Albums, playlists etc and then select from the list from each menu.

Bass and Treble control

You can actually adjust the bass and treble to suit. We find that if you have a busy song that has been encoded at a low bit rate, you can just knock the treble down a notch to smooth it out. If you are a bass fiend, you can rack it up for even more if you want. If you worry too much about your neighbours at 3am then you can drop some off and still enjoy the party.

Phono Input (Auxiliary in)

2 x RCA component inputs allow you to connect additional equipment to the KitSound BoomDock - CD Players, TV's, Record deck and even a Tape player can all be connected for a trip down memory lane. 

AM and FM radio on board

Listen to your favourite shows BoomDock style - with plenty of meat on the sound.

Alarm Clock

Break the painful cycle of being buzzed awake in the morning! Instead, wake up buzzing with the KitSound BoomDock; dock your device, select a tune, set the wake up time, crank the volume and wake up with a smile on your face!


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