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Kit: Slim Bluetooth Keyboard - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Make typing texts, documents and long e-mails a pleasure with this Slim Bluetooth keyboard in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40050
$32.41 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 10 customers

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small and perfectly formed!
I've been wanting one for a while just couldn't find one I thought was small enough to warrant it being truly portable. This is just fantastic, it fits easily into my handbag or briefcase and yet it is still just large enough for me to be able to touch type. I can now make notes or reply to emails quickly and still see the screen of my 10" tablet. I've paired it with a HP Slate tablet and the pairing was so easy. I'm going to make a slip cover just to protect it whilst it's in my bag but if you're not wizzy on the sewing machine you could easily just pop it into a padded envelope. I highly recommend this keyboard if you are using a tablet.
Slim Bluetooth Keyboard - Black
Seems to work well, links to Sony Z3 phone and iPad fine but not to earlier Sony S tablet, ie. links but doesn't work. Nice key action, takes a AAA battery, volume/play/ffwd buttons work fine on Z3 music player, rubber feet grip well, same size as the keyboard on my Sony Vaio 13" laptop so not small but is a comfortable size and angle to type. No problems. Good buy, especially for the price.
Nice little keyboard
Paired easily with the phone, responsive, a really nice size for typing and a surprisingly good key feel for the price.

Has "Command" and "Option" keys so I am assuming that it mainly targeted at the Apple market, but it works perfectly with the Androidy Z3 and means I can type up notes on the go without lugging a laptop (or indeed even a tablet) around.
No more fat finger syndrome
The information about this item was accurate and precise. It is a useful device - bigger keyboard than on the phone itself and rigid so it doesn't flop about when you use it. Turns any device into similar to a PC making it very versatile. Works really well when filling in spreadsheets or creating documents.

Wouldn't be without it.
I received my keyboard in good time and Im happy with it. Thank you.
best I've had!
It's a running joke among my friends that any keyboard i buy for my phone will be useless within 48 hours... Not this baby!
Typing is easy and intuitive because it feels just like using a laptop or notebook. Some of the functions take a bit of fiddling with to work out but nothing very taxing. I love that i can control my audio without touching my screen and even use the home button to access Siri or the app switcher. I found myself dictating texts from the bathroom floor the other day without having to put wet hands on my phone at all.
As far as size goes, I can fit this in most of my handbags and it weighs practically nothing. You couldn't go out with it in your pocket but that's not a problem if you usually do have a bag or briefcase. Its a little longer than a paperback and thin as a magazine.
Pairing is straight forward and battery life seems good. I think one of my favourite features is the way you can use the arrow keys like a rota. e.g. press up and right together to move in that direction. Particularly good for voiceover users as it makes navigating the touch screen a sinch!
Would certainly recommend!
Pairs with Android 4.4 devices first time. Some of the function buttons work as well. Relatively big keys surface area for size so not to many mistakes. Well worth it.
Slim Bluetooth keyboard no good with Nokia Lumia 1020
This slim Bluetooth keyboard, which I purchased from you, does not remain paired with the Nokia Lumia 1020 phone.
Great, requires setup
This keyboard is actually full-sized, and well at first I doubted it because of it's light weight and slim appearance, it has been a joy to use.

I've already written 25,000 words of a novel on it, and my WPM is near normal levels.

However, there is a problem with this device and Android.

If you have an Apple, as far as I'm aware it will work perfectly. On Android however, the shift key does not function.

This is a huge problem, and searching on Google turned up no fixes.

HOWEVER, you can download an application called "External Keyboard Helper", there is a free version, and it lets you remap keys.

While I couldn't get the shift to ever work, I turned my Caps Lock key into Shift, and it is working quite comfortably now.

Given the other benefits to this keyboard, it's great feel, small width, and lightness, I'm happy to have it.

The special keys it's have like Home work well on Android, for instance I use Home+Tab to switch apps all of the time.
Easy to set up and use
I wanted to get a small, slim Bluetooth keyboard to use with my iPad. The Kit keyboard was very easy to set up and I was using it within seconds. It pairs with the iPad easily and quickly and reconnets each time perfectly. It works very well and with any problem. An excellent purchase.

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